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How to Get a Spectrum Discount?

spectrum discount

How many of you all agree that Spectrum Internet’s prices skyrocketed after the company merged with Time Warner Cable in 2016? Well, you are not alone. However, you might be unfamniliar with the fact that the rates are negotiable. All you need is the right information, good convincing power, and patience to make several calls.

Easy or Tough? The Associate Decides

Gone are the days when Spectrum used to offer discounts for various services including packages like Spectrum TV Silver. However, subscribers cannot enjoy such discounts and promotions anymore. But many customers have successfully lowered their Internet bills by negotiating with a customer service rep.

It is not easy to convince the associates though. Usually, it will require a lot of coaxing on your part. If that does not work in your favor, considering some backup plans will do the job.

But before you call a rep, gather the following:

  • Past few bills
  • The date that your service with Spectrum (or Time Warner Cable began)
  • Details of if and when you made a late payment
  • A comparison of current bills with the old promotions and deals Spectrum offer

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How to Negotiate a Better Deal?

It can be tricky to convince the reps or associates to reduce your Internet bill. At times, you will have to give it a couple of shots before you get connected to the ‘right’ associate. Some reps are more lenient than the others. And the amount of discount is upon their discretion.

Your luck will play a huge part in deciding the rep that you get connected to. If the associate does not listen to you the first time you make a call for negotiation, keep trying until you get connected to the one who listens.

Try to convince the associate on the following grounds:

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Other Internet Options

When you get connected to an associate, most probably you will also mention discontinuing your subscription with the company. The associates might connect you to the retention department to offer you other options that will help you save money. But you should be prepared with the alternative options that you can switch to in case they fail to offer any deal or promotion to you.

Having a sound knowledge about the packages that the alternate companies offer along with the prices will make your case strong. Therefore, make notes and quote the most recent deals, packages, and prices to the associate while negotiating.

What’s Your Leverage?

It is not easy to convince a Spectrum rep to lower the prices for you unless you are considering Spectrum Internet deals. Therefore, equip yourself with details that speak in your favor. For example, if you have never delayed a payment, that will go in your favor. Bring this point up while you are bargaining. Also, mention the promotions that you were offered at the time you subscribed to the service.

Also, bring to mind if there was an issue from the company’s side like billing or technical. And use it to convince the associates to agree to what you are requesting. If you succeed in gathering all such pieces of evidence, they will speak volumes about your loyalty to the company. Hence, making it more likely for you to get a discount.

Know Your Limits

Keep in mind that you will be dealing with a human being and not a robot. If you display an outrageous behavior, it will only act against you. Reps will only favor and listen to polite people. Try to control your anger. The associates are doing their jobs. At times, nothing’s in their hands. Trust them when they state that.

Yes, you should be firm if the situation asks of it. But you should not come across as a rude person. There is a thin line between the two. If after all the efforts put, the reps cannot be of any help, politely ask them to connect you to the manager.

Time for Negotiation

Spectrum customer support reps are very polite and diligent. They will help you out if they have a solution at hand. However, your case stands in your hands. Try scripting the whole conversation with the rep and add points that are convincing enough. Also, listen to the reps carefully as well when they are explaining something. You do not want to mess things for yourself due to the lack of attention.

Try entering your argument around a single hard to refute a point. Keep reminding them that you have been a loyal customer and wish to continue being one.

Give it a shot and see how things work for you. The worst that could happen is you losing the subscription. The best? You succeeding in convincing the rep to offer you a reasonable discount.

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