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How To Change Spectrum Email Password?

spectrum email password

Apart from its Internet, Cable TV, phone, and mobile phone services, Spectrum also has an email platform. In this blog post, you will learn more about the spectrum’s email/webmail feature. You will also learn how to change your Spectrum email password in case of an emergency.

So, first things first, let’s throw light on how to access Spectrum email.

Setting Up Spectrum Email for New Users

To set up your Spectrum email, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Enter your username as well as password after signing into
  • Click to select the ‘Manage Account’ option in the “Menu”.
  • Select ‘services’, and then choose ‘Internet
  • Then, select the ‘create email address’ option. If you have a Spectrum email, you won’t be able to view this option.
  • Create a ‘username’, and select the ‘create mailbox’ option to confirm the creation of Spectrum email.
  • Here, you will have to enter your password. Once done, hit the ‘Finish’ toggle
  • A confirmation notification stating that your mailbox has been created will reach you.
  • Selecting ‘Go to Mailbox’ will allow you to start using your Spectrum email account

This was the email setting up guide for new users. You might want to change your Spectrum email password at some point. Doing that is not a difficult task as well. However, there are a couple of different ways for you to achieve your goal.

How to Change the Spectrum Email Password?

As mentioned above, there are many ways to go about it. Here are some of the many ways in which you can change the email password.


You will have to begin by visiting the home page of your Spectrum account for this method. Visit ‘’. After having access to the page, select your ‘contact info’ to recover your email account. Once done, you will be asked to provide your phone number or email id that you linked with this account while creating it.

Confirm that you are not a robot by checking the checkbox beside ‘I am not a robot’ statement. Congrats, you successfully verified the identity of your account. Enter the verification code that you receive on your email address or phone number.

You are now all set to sign-in again with the new password. It would hardly take 4-5 minutes for you to reset your password in this way.


You can even attempt to reset the password by using your username and the zip code. These two would be the same as the ones associated with your account. This method is the most preferred one amongst all the methods. Users resort to this method to reset their password more often.

Follow these steps to reset your password through this method:

  • Select the associated username and zip code
  • Following this step, confirm your account
  • Verify the identity of your account in this step for you to receive the code.

(The verification code will reach you via email or text message.)

  • Enter this verification code to reset the password.

You might have experienced changing the Spectrum WiFi password now and then. However, did you see that changing the email password is not a challenging task at all?

Did you also know that you can even reset the password for Spectrum WiFi or a sub-account user?

Here are the easy steps to do so.

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How to Change the Email Password for a Sub-Account User?

Only the master account holder is capable of doing so, though. Follow the steps given below to reset the password for a sub-account:

  • Visit Subscriber Self Care
  • Once done, enter the details (including email address and password) for your master account
  • Enter the text that you see in the image on your screen and click ‘Login’
  • Click the ‘change password’ option for the concerned user
  • Enter the new password
  • Select the ‘change password’ option

You are done.

With this, the comprehensive guide to reset your email password for Spectrum comes to an end. In case you face any difficulty in doing so, you can contact the Spectrum customer care number 1-866-200-7855. The reps will guide you if you get stuck at any point or step. They might provide you with an easy alternative as well.

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