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Spectrum Offers Free Channels Due to Coronavirus

spectrum free channels

Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. Millions of Americans are stranded at home. As a result, Spectrum TV customers will get a free subscription to Showtime and Epix until April 12th.

In these absolutely unprecedented and chaotic times, no matter which part of the world you live in, we are in dire need of optimism. COVID-19 has got us working from home and students attending online classes to continue their education.

Spectrum Announces Free Showtime and Epix

To offer relief to people of the United States, Charter Communications sent out an email this week notifying its customers about Spectrum free channels. The company is offering two of its most demanding premium channels: Showtime and Epix without any additional charges. If you are a Spectrum TV customer, that freebie email might be sitting in your inbox.

If you have always wanted premium channels, there is no better time to be a subscriber than today. Every individual during this crisis needs some kind of distraction and if that comes through TV, what could be better?

How Long Does the Offer Last?

The offer is here to stay for several weeks. You can continue watching Epix and Showtime on Spectrum through April 19th.

Consider it an opportunity to sit together with your family and watch critically acclaimed shows such as War of the Worlds on Epix. This science-fiction classic is about the extraterrestrial invasion on earth. It’s an intriguing watch for anyone into sci-fi. Epix is also a nice option to catch some of the best movies of all time.

This is about $17 worth of free entertainment that you can start enjoying today. The provider announced this on March 23rd. If you don’t have these two premium channels, make a call right now and have them added to your existing channel lineup. Your existing cable package does not influence your eligibility at all. As long as you are a Charter TV customer, you are eligible.

Free Internet for Students

Some say the provider is offering free access to these channels for increasing its subscribers by luring them with entertainment. But that’s not the first relief. Before offering free Showtime and Epix on Spectrum, the provider announced free INTERNET access to students belonging to low-income households.

After the lockdown, many students lost access to free Internet available in public places such as libraries and cafes. Now that schools are shut down and it’s mandatory for students to take online classes, those without Internet access have been suffering. Charter announced free Internet up to 100 Mbps for K-12 school and college students. The offer took effect on March 16th and it’s going to last for 60 days.

This offer is available for new customers only. It’s not just the Internet, the provider has collaborated with school communities to offer students educational tools as well. For regular customers, it has increased the speed of the Spectrum Internet Assist plan up to 30 Mbps. Data caps no longer apply and customers will not be charged penalty for late bill payment. This relief is to last for 60 days.

Stay Home and Indulge in Entertainment

Apart from Epix, the original programming on Showtime will be of great interest to the spectators. High grossing shows such as Homeland, Shameless and Billions received a lot of appreciation from audiences of different age groups.

Being at home all day can be tiring even if you are working from home. But as you sink into entertainment extravaganza offered by these channels, fighting the depression and anxiety will get a little easier.

To get these Spectrum free channels, call customer support 1-866-200-7855. Have all your account details ready before making a call.

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