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Spectrum Launches Gigabit Broadband and Other Services in Texas County

Spectrum Launches Gigabit Broadband in Texas

Charter Spectrum has recently rolled out its gigabit service in El Paso County, Texas, offering resident and business customers one more option in high-speed internet. The deployment of Spectrum Gigabit service is a part of the company’s plan for investing $5 billion in the rural areas that have been unserved so far. This also includes the $1.2 billion funding won in the FCC RDOF auction.

The Internet Gig service delivers 1 Gbps of internet and the service comes without data caps. It will cost $104.99 /mo. for new residential customers and $249.99/mo. for business customers. Spectrum in El Paso will be delivering Gigabit internet, voice, TV, and mobile services to 1,230+ homes and businesses in the county’s remote parts.

Charter won the RDOF auction’s first phase, qualifying for $1.2 billion in government funding for deployments reaching 1.1 million locations across 24 states. The company sought a limited wavier to trim the grant’s total after discovering that the challenge process by FFC that was conducted before the phase one auction failed to detect areas that were served by an internet provider already or have locked in some other type of funding to do so. Some parts of Virginia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Missouri were covered in that request. The ISP decided to go with El Paso County as its first deployment and offer Spectrum internet packages alongside other services to residential customers and small businesses.

Spectrum in Texas will offer residents of El Paso other internet plans too including 200 Mbps and 400 Mbps download speeds to residential customers. Businesses, on the other hand, will have access to speeds of 200 Mbps and 600 Mbps besides the Spectrum Gigabit service.
According to a Charter spokeswoman, the price of the services is consistent with what the firm charges in other areas, 200 Mbps service starting at $74.99 per month. There are no modem fees, data caps, or a contract to bind you. Other than this, the Spectrum Internet Assist program will also be available to qualifying low-income families and seniors. Credits for the Affordable Connectivity Program are available for all internet plans by the provider.

The good news is more households as well as businesses in El Paso and nearby Dona Ana County will be joining the provider’s RDOF expansion. Residents and business owners in the area may visit to find out when their home or business might be eligible for Spectrum services. Alternatively, they can also contact Spectrum customer support to learn more about the availability of the services.

The provider has been keen on connecting rural areas in recent years. In addition to launching Spectrum Gigabit services in unserved areas, Charter is also interested in offering video service in rural areas where previously Satellite video was the only available option.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does Spectrum Gigabit cost?

The Gigabit plan costs $109.99/mo. For the first 12 months of the service.

Does Spectrum offer 10 Gigabit?

Yes, 10 gigabits are available as a part of the Fiber Internet Access plan by the provider for its business customers.

How do I upgrade to Gigabit Spectrum?

Call customer support to request an upgrade and they should guide you on the following steps.
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