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Spectrum Introduces Orbic Journey™ V Flip Phone to Lineup 

Spectrum Mobile

April 15, 2022:  Earlier this week, popular US company Spectrum announced an alliance with Orbic. The partnership will allow Spectrum Mobile to introduce the Orbic Journey™ V Flip Phone to its device lineup. This phone is both efficient and convenient. It allows users to access features like texting, camera, and web browsing. They can get all this for less than $100.

Spectrum Mobile customers can enjoy advanced features by pairing the device with Spectrum’s mobile broadband service. As a result of this, the country’s greatest networks will be easily accessible at reasonable price points.

The Chief Mobile Officer for Charter Communications, Inc, Danny Bowman believes this move is “revolutionizing” customer experience. Charter is a US Based telecommunications company that controls the Spectrum brand.

According to Bowman, this partnership with Orbic will enhance the wireless experience for users by making internet and cellular networks affordable and accessible. In addition to this, the Chief Mobile Officer stated that combining the “best” services with the “best devices” will be favorable to customers. Moreover, the Orbic Journey™ V Flip Phone will be a great low-cost alternative. This will be especially great for users who are actively seeking cost-effective options, he added. As a result of this, customers can make the most of Spectrum; Mobile’s high-quality services and connectivity even on a budget.

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Orbic Journey™ V Flip Phone for Spectrum Users

This flip phone offers a great variety of features including a 1400mAh battery that will last for hours. In addition to this, the device also features an efficient keypad and an internal color display screen with adjustable text font. Moreover, the Journey V presents notifications and messages on a 1.77-inch external display. With the device’s built-in browser, it’s also easy to connect to the internet.

Orbic’s CEO and President, Mike Narula has stated the company’s partnership with Spectrum Mobile will allow greater “affordability” for customers. He also said that the alliance is a great step towards innovation and progress.

According to Narula, Spectrum users will enjoy great products and services with budget-friendly deals.

The Orbic Journey™ V Flip Phone works well with the By the Gig plan offered by Spectrum. This is priced at $14 per Gig and offers a great variety of features. For customers who are looking to merge a flip phone with the aforementioned services, Spectrum’s Unlimited data plans are an ideal choice. These plans offer cellular, WiFi, and internet. In addition to this, customers can also access unlimited texting and call along with nationwide 5G. The latter comes at no additional cost. Apart from this, there are also no extra fees, taxes, or contracts.

Charter Communications is one of the most popular telecommunications and mass media companies in the United States. It has millions of customers in more than 40 states. A large percentage of these customers are Spectrum users who enjoy services related to the internet, TV, and phone.

With Spectrum Mobile’s latest collaboration with Orbic, wireless experiences will further advance. Further information about this can be found by visiting Spectrum stores. Alternatively, existing or potential customers can also contact 1-866-200-7855.

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