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Why Won’t my Spectrum Remote Change the Channel?

Spectrum Remote Change the Channel

Many of us work long hours and love to relax in front of a TV with our family at the end of the long, tiring day. But it gets frustrating when you are watching something and your remote stops working. You try everything you know but nothing works! You can’t find any other reason for spectrum remote not working!

Spectrum Remotes are quite similar to some of the most commonly available TV controllers in the market. They are preferred by users because they are easy to program and can be used with various devices, including game consoles like the Xbox. However, remote control errors are bound to happen at some point. Don’t stress over it as there is a solution.

Is Spectrum Remote Not Working?

If your Spectrum remote is causing glitches, try these easy solutions:

1. Use the Cable Button  

If you are having trouble switching to the channel you would like to watch, just press the cable button on the remote. Then, you can simply use the +/- buttons to switch from one channel to another. You can also switch channels by using the channel numbers. While doing so, make sure that you always point the remote correctly at the receiver and this way you can fix Spectrum remote volume error too.

2. Are You Using the Channel Button Right?

As there are a huge number of channels you can watch using Spectrum channel lineup, let’s say that you want to switch to a channel using numbers. And, the channel has a single digit (such as channels with numbers 1 to 9). You keep pressing the digit but the channel is not changing. Take a second and press 0 before that channel number, or press the enter button after pressing the channel number to see if that works.

3. Maybe the Receiver is the Issue

Sometimes when you have trouble switching channels using the remote, it may not be the remote’s fault. Check to see if the power light on Spectrum’s receiver is on. After that, try pressing the buttons on the receiver to see if that changes the channel. If the channel switches without any issue, then the problem is with the remote. If it doesn’t, that means you need to fix the receiver.

Apart from that, make sure that no object like a piece of furniture is blocking your receiver. The issue with the remote may also occur because the signals between the receiver and the remote might be getting blocked. If you want a seamless shift in channels, keep the remote in the receiver’s range (20ft).

4. Did You Check the Batteries?

Is the spectrum remote not working still? Take a minute and check the batteries of your remote. If the batteries are not in the right way or if they are too old, the remote won’t work the way it should. Try to replace the batteries and see if the issue is resolved.

5. The Remote May Need to be Re-programmed

In case the batteries weren’t the problem, you may need to re-program Spectrum remote. All Spectrum remotes come with proper set-up instructions. Find the instructions then, follow the advised steps to check the programming codes. You must ensure that the equipment has been installed with the right programming codes to be able to switch the channels without any issues.

6. Make Sure You’re Using the Correct Remote

Not everyone can easily afford the Spectrum Gold package and get access to a wide array of channels with a single plan. That is why many people use various receivers to enjoy access to a multitude of channels without having to pay a hefty bill. In case you own more than one receiver, make sure to use the correct combination of remote and receiver to access all the channels.

7. Reboot the Receiver  

Is your Spectrum remote not working even now? Well, in that case, you should try to reboot your receiver. If the channels are still not switching, then there is a chance that your receiver may have a software glitch or a bug. The best solution to counter this issue is rebooting the receiver. You can do that by simply taking out the power cord of the receiver from its socket. Once that power light on the receiver is off, wait for at least 1 full minute before re-plugging the power cord. That should fix the issue.

The Last Resort

In case not a single solution detailed above worked for you, it is better to get in touch through Spectrum customer service 866 number for instant assistance.

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