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How to Fix Spectrum TV Pixelated Issue?

Spectrum TV pixelated issue solution

It is very important to have a good viewing experience when you are watching your favorite TV show or a live sports event. For this to happen, a reliable cable TV, strong coaxial cables, tight wire connections, and a stable internet play a vital role. At times, you may experience a certain degree of pixelation when you are watching your favorite TV show on Spectrum. Know that the Spectrum TV pixelated issue is not frequent and you can easily fix it by following some simple steps.

The probable reasons that you are experiencing pixelated picture quality while watching TV may be due to the damaged coaxial cables, loose wire connections, and bad quality splitters. To learn how you can fix all of these issues at home, read the passages below.

How to Know There’s a Spectrum TV Pixelated Issue?

A pixelated screen quality occurs when the screen is unable to display a certain portion with clarity. The pixels become a blur and it is difficult to decipher the transmission on the screen. When this happens, the viewer must know that this is an indicator that the main cable connection may be down, there may be an issue in the area, or the cable wires may be loose.

How to Resolve the Pixelated Screen Issue?

To troubleshoot the issue of pixelation, simply follow the elaborate steps below for a smooth viewing experience.

Reset Your TV Box

The first thing that you can do to fix the bad pixels in the Spectrum TV pixelated issue is to reset your TV box. Begin by powering it off and detaching the power cable. Make sure to remove it from the wall outlet as well as the back of the unit. Next, wait for 30 seconds, and then connect the cable back to the TV and the power source. Allow the TV to reboot. This may take up to 2 minutes. Now, simply power on your TV and test if the screen is displaying a crisp result or not.

Readjust the Coaxial Cables

A cable connection is based on coaxial cables. You may need to readjust some settings related to them. Begin by removing the power cable from the cable source and your TV box. Now, make sure to clean both ends of the cable. Reattach the coaxial cable to the back of the TV box and the wall outlet as well. Make sure that you fit in the cables tightly. Now, turn the TV on. Check if the TV screen quality is back to normal or not.

Bypass the Splitters

When the TV screen becomes blurry the Spectrum sound cutting issue may also occur. In order to fix all these issues, you can also try bypassing the splitter. Begin by removing the power cable attached to your TV box. Make sure that you leave one end of the cable connected to it. Next, unscrew the coaxial cables connected to the splitter and place them away. Make sure to attach the loose end of the coaxial cable to the wall outlet following the previous step. It is important to ensure that the connection is tight. Finally, attach the power cable back to your TV box and see if the screen display is back to normal.

Accessing the Ground Block

There are some more things that you should be aware of if the above solutions do not fix the spectrum TV pixelated issue.

Note that these issues may be due to the Spectrum TV subscription error. Therefore, it is important to check with the customer service if your subscription is intact. If you are only experiencing pixelation issues when watching recorded shows, then you may have an internal hardware failure. You may need to replace your hard drive. Another reason that you are experiencing the pixelation error may be that your power source is damaged. And finally, if nothing works, then troubleshoot the main splitter.

Find the ground block in your house and identify the main feed and splitter that connects with your wall outlets. One by one, disconnect the coaxial cables until the TV picture stops moving. This shows that this is the coaxial cable connected to your TV. Next, remove this cable and connect it to the main house feed. Check if your TV-quality picture quality is back to normal. If it is then the issue is with your main splitter. Attach it back and contact an electrician for resolution.

With the help of the above tips, you can easily fix your pixelation issues at home. Watch your favorite TV shows, dramas, and movies in high-definition happily once you fix these issues!

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