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Guide to Fixing Spectrum TV Subscription Error

Spectrum TV Subscription Error

Spectrum is one of the leading cable TV providers in America winning the hearts of many households. It is offering perks such as DVR, on-demand titles, premium channels, and Spectrum TV App at an affordable monthly bill. So who would want to go elsewhere!

Along with cable, the provider also sells Internet plans paired with Spectrum Security Suite. Their cable service is great however, at times, errors such as “access to this program is not included in your spectrum TV subscription”, can appear repeatedly. This error is annoying and it can keep you from having a good time especially if you’re desperate to watch your favorite show.

Since this Spectrum TV subscription error is common, this guide walks you through five steps to deal with it once and for all. Normally, this error occurs when you haven’t subscribed to a certain channel or haven’t paid your bill. 

How to Fix Spectrum TV Subscription Error?

Let’s see how to fix it:

1. Make Sure Your Bill is Paid

As mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is to check your bill. Make sure it’s paid. Also, check that your package includes the network you are trying to access. We are human beings and we tend to forget. Before blaming anyone else, there’s no harm in doing the due diligence.

Let’s say you forget to pay your bill. Settle the bill and if you have to activate your service again, do that as well. Sometimes, you have paid the bill but it’s not reflected on your statement. This could be an error so do reach out to the support team. Tell them about the error and they will take care of the situation immediately.

2. Log Out of Your Account

Sometimes, the error can magically go away if you log out of your account. It’s like restarting a device. When you turn it on again, the problem is magically solved. With the same trick, you can fix the “Can’t find network on Roku” error too.

So here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to your account settings
  2. Log out of your Spectrum account
  3. Log in back again
  4. Start watching TV again

This should solve the issue.

3.  Reset Your Account’s Setting

In case the above trick doesn’t work, you can actually reset your account. You never know the settings inside your account are messed up. This could cause the Spectrum TV subscription error too.

Go to your account setting, reset to default and this should solve the error. Keep in mind this trick will only work if your settings were altered by someone.

4. Reset the Cable Box

There’s a possibility there’s a problem with the spectrum box. First off, make sure it’s working fine. You can also restart it turning it off and turning it back again. Restarting works every time, it can even fix the “Spectrum router red light error.”

In case it doesn’t work (no worries, sometimes it doesn’t), then the next solution is to reset your Spectrum TV box to factory default. Be careful because this would wipe your previous settings. Just like resetting a modem or router can solve IP address conflict, it can fix the cable error as well.

Before getting started, make sure the cable box is activated, all cables are connected, and coax cable is plugged into the outlet. Also, check if the HDMI cable is secured to the HDMI port. Now follow these steps for a simple reboot:

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. The word “Spectrum” will appear on the screen and then disappear
  3. You should small boxes in green and yellow colors
  4. “Initializing Application” will appear on the screen
  5. The receiver will turn off after that
  6. Turn on the cable box by pressing the power button
  7. You will see the message “your TV will be right back with you”
  8. A countdown may appear
  9. Wait for it to be over
  10. You will see a picture on your screen
  11. That’s when you press the menu bottom from your cable box

You have now successfully completed the reboot and you are ready to use your cable box. Hopefully, this should fix the error.

 5. Reach Out to Customer Support

Unfortunately, some problems cannot be solved on your own. If you have tested all the tips mentioned above and you have failed to fix the Spectrum TV subscription error, then the last trick in the book is to reach out to customer support. Chances are there is a technical issue with the cable and it can only be solved by an agent.

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