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What Channel is Starz on Spectrum?

starz on spectrum

Starz- an American premium cable channel offers enough movies and shows to keep one accompanied without tuning into another channel. However, one does not always have to watch favorite shows or re-runs of blockbuster movies. Some people relish watching sports channels and others tune into lifestyle channels. In short, to every one his own choice of channels.

However, Starz on Spectrum does not fail to entertain us thoroughly.

List of Channels Under the Starz Umbrella

The Starz Network consists of many channels. Therefore, there is every channel to suit a mood. The list of channels under the Starz umbrella include:

  • Starz Cinema
  • Starz Comedy
  • Starz Edge
  • Starz in Black
  • Starz Kids and Family

Hence, making it a network that offers channels for every age group. Although Starz Cinema, Starz Edge and Starz in Black all feature films but the genres and the age groups that the films aim at vary. Hence, making all the three channels different from each other.

Starz on Spectrum Channel Lineup

In case you wish to subscribe to Starz on Spectrum, the following channel guide table will help you locate the exact channel number you can find Starz on in your state.

City/State Starz Cinema Comedy Edge in Black Kids and Family
Albertville, AL 606 612 610 616 608 614
Yakima, WA 606 613 611 617 609 615
Clarksburg, WV 480 482 484 485 487 490

If you have invested in devices that can turn your house into a smart home, watching series and movies on your TV will be even more convenient. Famous Shows and Movies Featured on Starz on Spectrum



Released in 2018, Venom is a superhero film. The movie was based on the Marvel Comic with the same name. The first time that the audiences were introduced to the character Venom was in 2007 in Spider-Man 3. The 2018 release was Sony’s attempt on a spin-off for the 2007 Spider-Man series. But this spin-off revolved around the character. The film did not perform that well and received negative reviews. But for Marvel fans watching every movie is a must. Therefore, if you have not watched Venom yet, Starz might be airing it soon.

You can even watch it even when on the go with Spectrum streaming service.

The Breakfast Club

Perhaps the saddest movie the millennials watched in their childhoods. Although it is a teen comedy-drama film, The Breakfast Club has a couple of very emotional instances. Released in 1985, the film received critical acclaim. The critics also label it as Hughes’s most memorable works. One that gained him recognition for years to come. In 2016, the film got selected for its preservation in National Film Registry in the States.

Half Baked

Released in 1998, Half Baked is an American comedy film. It stars prominent actors including Guillermo Diaz, Jim Breuer, Dave Chappelle, and Harland Williams. The film received negative reviews but soon became recognized as a cult film that intrigued many.

In case, you do not relish watching films, you can also tune into MTV or the like as Spectrum offers a great variety of channels in its various packages.



If you are a sucker for crime dramas, Luther is a must-watch. This British crime drama received critical acclaim. The show also brought appreciation for Idris Elba who plays the character of John Luther who is a DCI in the show. Not to forget the 11 Primetime Emmy Award nominations that the show received. The plot of the show revolves around Luther serving as the DCI who puts his job before everything else. You have to watch the show to see how interesting events unroll.

American Gods

American Gods is a fantasy drama based on a novel by Neil Gaiman by the same name. Debuting in 2017, the show received two nominations at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. The show revolves around the lead character Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday. The latter happens to be a strange man whom Shadow Moon comes into an encounter with after getting released from jail. Watch the series to see how Shadow Moon gets involved in a conflict between old gods and new gods.

Survivor’s Remorse

This is an American sitcom that originally aired on Starz as well. Starting in 2014, the sitcom ended in 2017. The plot of the show revolves around Cam Calloway signing the pro-basketball contract. And the impact it has on his family and his own life. Calloway has to move his family to Atlanta following the signing of the contract. After that, the events that unfold make the sitcom an interesting watch.

If you think that the movies and shows on Spectrum won’t be enough to keep you entertained (the above list is not all that Starz airs), you can tune into the Trutv Hallmark channel as well. Enjoy watching some Christmas original movies in case you get bored with one channel.

Spectrum Bundles that Include Starz

Before you sign up for any of the packages or bundles, you should also be sure that the one you are opting for includes Starz. To make it easy for you, the following is the list of deals that include Starz.

  • Spectrum TV Gold

Unfortunately, this is the only package that offers Starz. Although it will be a pricey option, you can always look for available Spectrum discount. This will help solve the issue for you. As not everyone can afford to pay a hefty amount for a TV package.

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