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Your Guide to Show only Subscribed Channels on Spectrum?

Subscribed Channels On Spectrum

Nothing can beat the joy of subscribing to Spectrum cable and having the opportunity to watch so many networks. If you use the Spectrum TV app to watch TV on your mobile device, you must agree it’s annoying to see all 200 channels, even the ones you haven’t subscribed to.

This clutter might have made you wish you could only see the subscribed channels on Spectrum bundle. You are in luck because this guide happens to explain how it’s done. Here, your Spectrum Guide has a vital role to play. Therefore, take the time to understand what it’s all about. It’s an interactive program guide that displays all your program listing, and channel information.

Do You Want Subscribed Channels on Spectrum to Show?

Unless you have the Spectrum Gold package (in that case, you want all channels to be displayed) what is about to be revealed will make your experience navigating through your channel lineup easier.

  1. Before getting started, you must have the Spectrum TV app downloaded and installed on your streaming device.
  2. From your device, visit
  3. Log into your Spectrum account
  4. Choose “View Channel Lineup” to view your Spectrum channel lineup
  5. Go to “Channels by Package
  6. Select your current TV package
  7. Choose the “Channels by Package” option again
  8. It will say “Displaying ABC Channels”
  9. Tap the “Channel Number” tab on the lineup
  10. This will show all the channels in your subscription
  11. Find your Subscribed Channel List
  12. Now turn on your TV
  13. Turn on the cable box
  14. Use your remote to press the menu button for accessing the main menu
  15. Go to set up
  16. Then, choose favorite lists set-up
  17. Select new and click the heart icon
  18. From your remote, click the right arrow key
  19. Choose sort by number
  20. Press the upside arrow key for scrolling to the smallest digit channel
  21. Use your Spectrum mobile device to find the list of the subscribed channels
  22. Now select the channel you want to watch using your remote
  23. Repeat the same steps until you find all your favorite channels
  24. While marking the favorite channels, hit the checkmark appearing on the screen
  25. Rename the channel list using the keyboard on the screen
  26. Hit save
  27. Exit the program guide
  28. Now you are ready to access the list of subscribed channels from the menu

Hiding or Removing Channels from Your Guide

Let’s say there is a change in subscribed channels on Spectrum because you upgraded or downgraded your package. This calls for adding or removing a channel from your guide. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu from your remote
  1. Choose “settings
  2. Click “edit channels
  3. Go to “edit channel list
  4. Scroll to the channel you wish to delete
  5. Hit Ok to confirm the deletion.

Customizing the Guide

You can also choose where you wish the guide to appear on your screen. Don’t, worry, it’s easier than the procedure to program Spectrum remote.

  1. From your remote, press the “menu” button
  2. Choose “settings” and support from the option
  3. Go to “guide setting”
  4. Choose “position for mini-guide
  5. Choose either top or bottom
  6. Hit “save

A Handy Tip to Boost Your Experience

While you are displaying only the subscribed channels on Spectrum guide, you might value this handy tip. Spectrum lets its subscribers change the font size! To change the size, follow these:

  1. Press the “settings” key on your remote
  2. Go to the “HD menu”
  3. Change the setting from “High (16×9) to Standard (4×3)”
  4. Save the changes
  5. You will now be able to see the guide in large print.


If at any time, you want to display all channels, then from the settings of your guide, choose “view” and select “view all channels.” Make sure you hit “Ok” once you are done.

In case you are missing the channels or not getting all your channels based on the package you have, it may be a sign the receiver needs a reboot. Unplug it and wait for 60 seconds. Plug it back again, and you should be able to sell all channels. If the problem remains, call customer support to troubleshoot your devices. The support service provides assistance on all sorts of issues from queries related to Spectrum remote not working, bill inquiries to troubleshooting services.

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