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What Channel is Telemundo on Spectrum?

Telemundo on Spectrum

Hispanics might feel that there are little options that they have when it comes to Spanish channels. However, Telemundo on Spectrum addresses the issue and provides the Hispanic community with Spanish content. It is the second-largest provider of Spanish language content in the States. Thus, serving the Latin American audience.

Headquartered in Miami, Telemundo did not always operate with the same name. In 1984, the now Telemundo launched as NetSpan. It was not until 3 years later in 1987 that the channel got the name Telemundo. Following this, the channel underwent many rebranding campaigns. The ownerships of the channels kept changing as well. As of now, Comcast operates Telemundo after it acquired a 51% stake in  NBC Universal in 2011. Today, Telemundo is available in 100 countries in 35 different languages.

The channel underwent a major rebranding campaign in 2012. The viewers were introduced to a new logo and slogan for the channel.

Telemundo’s Success

Telemundo’s success ratings went up in 2012 after the rebranding campaign was successful. The channel is so popular among the people that many key personalities from the number one Spanish content channel in the States (Univision) lost its anchors to Telemundo. The names include some of the very prominent on-air personalities including Maria Antonieta Collins, María Celeste Arrarás, Andrés Cantor, and Norberto Longo. The list also includes prominent personalities like Lucero, Laura Flores, and Pedro Fernandez, to name a few.

If you wish to watch these amazing hosts on screen, you can also subscribe to the Telemundo channel on Spectrum. Search your state/city in the following table to see the channel number Telemundo is available on in your area.

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 223 Albany, NY 803
Cheyenne, WY 251 Charlotte, NC 803
Barre, VT 235 Duluth, MN 265
Alcoa, TN 223 St. Louis, MO 333
Corry, PA 803 Billings, MT 251
Greensboro, NC 803 Greenville, MI 303
Akron, OH 803 Lexington, KY 358

Popular Shows on Telemundo Channel on Spectrum

Hispanics can relish watching some of the best Spanish shows on the channel. However, watching the following is recommended:

La Reina del Sur

With an IMDB rating of 8.1, La Reina del Sur is a Spanish language telenovela. It is based on the Spanish novel with the same name. The novel was written by the prominent Spanish author  Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Premiering in 2011, the first season of the telenovela came out in that year. However, it was not before 2019 that the second season came out.

The story of the series revolves around the rise of Teresa Mendoza. Teresa is a young woman who also happens to be the most powerful drug trafficker there is in South Spain. Get ready to jump out of your chair when you hear about the budget of this telenovela. A whopping amount of $10 million went into producing this second most expensive series produced by Telemundo.

You would love to watch this thrilling telenovela and enjoy it as the events unfold. Do give it a watch whether you speak Spanish or not. The subtitles are always there to help.

La querida del Centauro

This is one of the biggest telenovelas that ran on Telemundo. It features a very prominent cast including Humberto Zurita, Michel Brown, Irene Azuela, and Ludwika Paleta, to name a few. Produced by Telesat and Sony Pictures, the telenovela has 2 seasons. The plot of the series revolves around the original incident of Lina Uribe and Dario Vanegas. The story revolves around El Centauro’s life and his wish to marry Yolanda.

The telenovela received nominations in ‘Your World Awards’ both in 2016 and 2017.

El Senor de Los Cielos

Created by Luis Zelkowicz, El Senor de Los Cielos is an American telenovela. The story revolves around an original idea presented by Mariano Calasso. The first episode of the telenovela aired in 2013. The series is so popular that it also won some very prominent awards. The list includes International Emmy Award and Premios Tu Mundo. The 7th season (yet to premiere) will mark the end of the series.

If you wish to watch any of the prominent Spanish series, you can select the Spectrum bundle deals that offer the channel.

Telemundo on Online Streaming Service

In case, you do not want to subscribe to a Cable TV network, all the shows featured on Telemundo are also available on online streaming platforms. This includes Netflix. So, you can get a streaming package for any of the online streaming service platforms. And enjoy.

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