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TV One on Charter Spectrum: Best Features and Shows

TV one on Spectrum

If you have been craving for quality black representative channels, TV One is certainly one of them. It has everything an entertainment lover can ask for. From quality movies to amazing music, you can find all sorts of content on TV One on Spectrum. After going through this guide, you’ll be able to easily find this channel on your cable. This guide will also discuss some popular shows on this channel in detail.

About Charter Spectrum

But before exploring the popularity of TV One, it is important to know why you should choose this provider for steaming this channel. This provider is one of the top cable service providers across the USA. It offers its services in 44 USA states including New York and Texas extra.

Besides this, the provider offers all of its TV channels in HD. So, no matter which one of the Spectrum TV plans you subscribe to, you’ll always get quality services.

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Why Is TV One So Popular?

This channel was launched in January 2004. Its main aim was to produce black-centric movies, comedies, and documentaries. Today, almost 57 million families across the USA watch their favorite content on this channel.

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Since its inception, it has managed to win the hearts of millions of African Americans and other people. This is because it offers a diverse range of shows, movies, and comedies. So, people love to subscribe to quality TV packages to stream this channel.

The Channel Guide for TV One on Spectrum

If you are a true TV lover, you’ll surely enjoy the amazing content on TV One. Whether you want to watch quality sitcoms or enjoy action movies, you can find every kind of content on this channel. So, to stream this channel without any hassle here’s a concise and easy guide for you:

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 155 Bergen Co, NJ 90
Yakima, WA 714 Albany, NY 184
Clarksburg, WV 162 Charlotte, NC 184
Milwaukee, WI 88 Grand Island, NE 156
Cheyenne, WY 271 Duluth, MN 156
Barre, VT 816 St. Louis, Missouri 99
Austin, TX 184 Billings, MT 271
Alcoa, TN 155 Worcester, MA 145
Corry, PA 217 Greenville, MI 136
Columbia, SC 184 Bourg, LA 155
Greensboro, NC 184 Lexington, KY 98
Akron, OH 217

Using this guide, you can easily find this channel on your TV. Whether or not you can stream this channel depends upon your location. So, you should first check the availability of this channel in your area. If it is available in your area but you still can’t find it, you can seek this provider’s customer support.

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Top TV Shows and Movies

Sometimes it becomes difficult to search for quality shows on a channel. But this guide will help you to find the most trending content on TV One. The quality shows available on this channel include:

Steppin’ Back to Love

If you love watching movies with dance championships, then this movie is the ideal choice for you. From romance to drama, this movie has everything that you can ask for. It follows the story of a gorgeous couple.

Due to several conflicts, the couple starts losing passion for each other. It is only after discovering a dance championship that their love for each other starts blossoming again. So, if you enjoy feel-good movies, you’ll surely love this movie.

Fatal Attraction

This TV show is for all the crime and thriller lovers out there. It is a documentary-style TV show. The plot basically revolves around people committing monstrous crimes. These crimes are also committed in the name of passion and love.

But it is also important to note that this series can be a bit overwhelming for some people. So, only those people who can tolerate abusive language and violence should watch this show. So far, TV One has managed to release 9 seasons of this show.


If you are obsessed with the lives of black celebrities, then this show is the perfect choice for you. It aims to provide its audiences’ juicy news related to these celebrities. Who are they having an affair with and what kind of diet they are on extra, you can find out everything on this show.

If this doesn’t intrigue you enough, you should know that the celebrities are the ones that break these stories. What more could a true entertainment lover ask for?

Sinners Wanted

This is yet another great show for all the drama lovers. It follows the story of a youth who aims to preach in Grace Community Church. However, things don’t go as planned. He falls in love with a sex worker and marries her.

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After the marriage, the past of both the main characters unfolds. So, if you love watching romance, drama, and mystery, this show is a must-watch for you.

ATL Homicide

This show is an excellent choice for crime and drama lovers. It follows the story of two detectives who solve murder mysteries. The story also explores the past of these detectives in detail. So, the viewer easily gets engaged in these crime stories and the detectives’ lives.

So far, TV One has released 2 of its seasons. Its third season is all set to release this year. So, if you haven’t watched its previous two seasons, now is a good time to do so.

For more info about TV One on Spectrum, you may need to get in touch with the provider’s representatives.

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