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Which Channel Number is UP TV on Spectrum?

UP TV on Spectrum

We rarely get to watch family-entertainment that caters to all ages perfectly. The content of most family shows is either too well-suited for young audiences that adults can’t fully enjoy. Or, sometimes it is too mature to be watched with young kids. Unless you have UP TV. UP TV is an American cable TV network. It provides excellent family-oriented entertainment that caters to all ages perfectly. Subscribers of Spectrum TV get over 200 channels in the lineup. If you want to watch UP TV on Spectrum, this guide is for you.

Overview of Spectrum’s Services

Charter Spectrum is a well-renowned service provider in the US. This company offers internet plans, voice packages, and cable TV services to millions of people in over 44 states. Its most famous TV plans include Spectrum TV Select, Silver, and Gold packages.

How to Watch UP TV on Spectrum?

As a spectrum TV subscriber, you must be curious to know about its excellent range of channel lineup. Spectrum offers up to 200+ channels in its 3 popular packages as mentioned above. Since the channel list is so long, many people prefer to know the specific numbers of their favorite channels. This saves time as you don’t have to skim through the long list of channels to find the one you want to watch. Here is the channel number for UP TV on Spectrum, based on the state you are in.

State/City Channel Number State/City Channel Number
Albertville, AL 107/754 Hayden, ID 124
Austin, TX 124 Harvard, MA 165/817
Athens, GA 101/764 Jacksonville, NC 124
Avon, IN 255 Knoxville, TN 177/735
Alexandria, KY 820 Kansas City, KS 124
Auburn, ME 124 Lincoln, NH 124
Allendale, MI 174/876 Lincoln, NE 124
Albany, MN 141/710 Los Angeles, CA 124
Belleville, IL 241/740 Los Angeles, CA 178/807
Baton Rouge, LA 177/735 New York City, NY 124
Bakersfield, CA 216 Orlando, FL 168
Baker City, OR 171/712 Ridgefield-Park, NJ 124
Bristol, VA 177 Reno, NV 171/827
Charlotte, NC 124 Reno, NV 171/827
Cincinnati, OH 257/1259 Rochester, NY 124
Cleveland, OH 257 Saint-Louis, MO 241/740
Concord, VT 165/817 San Antonio, TX 124
Cheyenne, WY 270/598 Sheboygan, WI 102/773
Bridgeport, WV 160 Staten-Island, NY 124
Dallas, TX 124 Tampa, FL 145
Dayton, OH 257/1259 Wapato, WA 171/712
Grand-Junction, CO 270/598 Waterford, PA 257
Greenville, SC 141/737 Winsted, CT 160/821
Great-Falls, MT 270/598 Yuma, AZ 124

Using this list, anyone can watch UP TV on Spectrum and have fun with the entire family in front of a single screen at the same time.

What Does UP TV Channel Offer?

Charles Humbard launched UP TV back in 2004 under the name of Gospel Music Channel (GMC). It originally aired music from different genres ranging from contemporary to southern gospel, and Christian metal and rock music, etc. It also developed its own singing competition called ‘America Sings’ in addition to showing concerts in ‘Front Row Live’. Apart from that, GMC aired biographies of several artists and also hosted Award shows to honor the work of artists in the Christian music industry of the US.

Then, with the shift in the era, the channel began its rebranding and changed its persona in 2013 as UP TV. It airs family-oriented entertainment including comedies, specific holiday celebration shows, music, and movies, etc. You can watch all kinds of Holiday shows and movies from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, and so on. UP TV also has its own YouTube channel. You can also follow UP TV specials on Facebook.

However, only the subscribers of Spectrum TV Silver and Spectrum TV Gold get access to this channel. Some of the most popular shows offered by this channel include:

1. 800 Words

800 Words is one of the many comedy-dramas you can watch on UP TV. Its story focuses on a grieving husband who decides to purchase a new house in New Zealand through the internet. Because of having fond memories of Weld from a childhood trip, the protagonist favors that place. he longs for solace and comfort to break away from his pain. The hard part is to get his two teenage kids, Arlo and Shay, to agree to move. The story revolves around the difficulties they face as a family after leaving behind all they have ever known including the memories of their mother. Watch the show if you are curious to know whether they grow closer or drift apart.

2. Gilmore Girls

This is a very popular comedy-drama series with a fan following of millions. The plot of this series is about a single mother and how she struggles to manage the stressful relationship with her teenage daughter. This show has it all-from issues on friendship, family, romance, social divides, and so on. It sheds light on various life experiences by making them seem more relatable and real-life. Gilmore Girls was also listed as one of the 100 greatest TV Shows of all time by Time Magazine.

3. The Librarians

The Librarians series revolves around a peculiar library with a team of librarians that deal with unusual and magical threats. It shows the world-famous Metropolitan library built on a centuries-old HQ. The team studies bizarre events and gathers dangerous artifacts from all over the world. Flynn Carsen is a talented librarian fully committed to saving the world from unknown dangers.

4. Little House: New Beginnings

This show originally began as the Little House on the Prairie. The show is actually based on the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The drama covered the life and adventures of the Ingalls family and was set in the 19th century Midwest. It was quite popular and had a great run.

Later on, the channel revamped the show and transformed the storyline. Michael Landon stayed on the show as an executive producer. He sometimes made screen appearances too. The story now revolves around Laura and Almanzo. It was also made into a movie before the show ended for good.

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