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6 Exciting Upcoming Events and Festivals in the USA

Upcoming Events and Festivals in the USA

The United States has so many regional events attended by thousands of people every year. All these events are linked to the rich and flamboyant local culture. Aside from the local events and festivals, there are some events that are worth traveling to a different state or to the United States if you are from some other country.

The events and festivals in the USA include sporting events, family events, music festivals, events where people celebrate pop culture, and much more. In short, there is an event for all preferences and age groups. If you can’t make it to these events, you can still grab yourself a snack and watch them via your Spectrum TV packages, and YouTube. Dig into this blog to see which events suit your liking, schedule, and budget.

Events and Festivals in the USA Worth Attending

You will be overwhelmed to see the number of events and festivals in the USA taking place near you. But the ones mentioned here won’t keep you waiting for long. The following are the upcoming events to look out for:  

1. New Year’s Eve Atlanta 2023

New Year’s Eve Atlanta 2023

New Year’s Eve is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. So, you can come across a lot of events scheduled for this holiday at different venues. However, if you are in Atlanta with no other plans but want an entertaining New Year’s Eve, then NYE in the ATL: New Year’s Eve Atlanta 2023 is an event to attend.

The biggest reason why you should attend this event is that it is going to be lit. There are going to be celebrity hosts including Frank Ski, Traci Steele, and Lonnie Luv. With these DJs and comedians, there will be different party rooms and comedy shows. Plus, you can get your drinks from the VIP open bars and enjoy a champagne toast and a balloon drop at the event.

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is one of the events you won’t have to wait for a long time. You can get your tickets and go to the event alone or with someone. There are multiple tiers of tickets with the most affordable ones starting at just $100 per person. On VIP access, you can access premium tables and the bar. Also, VIP tickets for duos include hotel stays and much more.

2. A Hallmark Christmas in Leavenworth and Seattle Washington

A Hallmark Christmas in Leavenworth and Seattle Washington
Leavenworth WA / Facebook

Christmas is around the corner, and it is an event best celebrated with family. How amazing it would be to celebrate a movie-like Christmas before the actual holiday, right? If you would like to attend such an event, Hallmark Christmas in Leavenworth is an event to look forward to.

The event is going to start on the 15th of December and will be ongoing until the 18th. And you will have a chance to experience a movie-like Christmas at actual sets. This holiday package is $798 per person. You can book the tickets for $150 per person.

But the value for money is there because the package includes lodging for 4.5 days, transportation, Hallmark dinner, and various Hallmark activities. With all these additions, the Hallmark Christmas vacation is something that you and your family can enjoy. When you are back home and watching the Hallmark channel, you can try to identify the sets you saw there.

3. Magic Lights at PPIR

Magic Lights at PPIR

New Year celebrations are all about fireworks and bright lights. And if you have family commitments on the Ney Year’s Eve, there is still an event with lights and decorations that you can enjoy with your friends, partner, and especially kids. The Pikes Peak International Raceway has an event of lights with Instagram story-worthy visuals.

This event is produced by Family Entertainment Live and is full of LED lights and ginormous animated characters. You can see 32 feet tall, animated Barbie, Big Foot, Monster Trucks, Toyland, 12 Days of Christmas, and a 200-foot-long driveway with lights on both sides.

The event is on the 1st of January and is very affordable as the tickets are just $15 per car. If you live somewhere close to the event, it can be a pleasant surprise for your family. In short, it is a perfect short event to attend with your family.

4. Super Bowl

Super Bowl event

Super Bowl is arguably the most American event to follow for anyone. So, missing it from the list of upcoming events and festivals in the USA is not an option. Though the event is still more than a month away, you should plan for it now. This Super Bowl is going to be on the 12th of February at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.

This event is not just for sports fans as every year there is always a show by A-list celebrities like Beyoncé, Shakira, and JLo. Last time, Compton rappers including Eminem, Dr. Dre, Fifty Cent, and Snoop Dogg performed live.

But do know that Super Bowl tickets are very expensive. The prices for the upcoming Super Bowl start at $4,887.5 for regular seats. The VIP seats can cost multiple of these numbers. Still, if you buy the tickets and make it to the event, it can be one of your most memorable events. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the game on Spectrum streaming with a bowl of wings.

5. New Year’s Eve in Times Square

The best place to be on New Year’s Eve is in the New York Times Square. So, if you are in New York or anywhere close to it, try to make it to Times Square. Every year the celebration is immaculate, and more than a million people attend the ball drop.

Fireworks, decorations, and the vibes of this event cannot be matched anywhere else. People around the world watch these celebrations on the internet and TV every year. Another reason to be at Times Square on New Year’s Eve is that it’s free. So, you can have a great time and save for events like Super Bowl or Coachella too.   

6. Coachella


Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. It is right in the league with Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy, and Lollapalooza. However, Coachella is not completely electronic music. You get a chance to see the biggest chart toppers performing live and join one of the world’s biggest parties.

2023’s Coachella is going to be on the 14th of April and will end on Sunday, April 23rd. The venue is going to be Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Even if you don’t live in California but you love music festivals, try to make it there. The tickets for Coachella are usually between the price range of $549 and $649 per ticket.

It is an event that many pop culture celebrities attend every year. The chances of meeting someone from your favorite Disney show or a TikTok celeb are always there and comparatively higher than other events. Plus, attending this event is much better than going to individual concerts. For people who cannot make it to the event, Coachella has an official YouTube channel where you can catch up with much of the live action. But obviously, being there is a completely different experience.

Other Notable Events

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are other events worth attending like Comic Con. Next Comic Con is scheduled for July 20-23rd in San Diego. Whether you are a fan of DC Comics, MCU, Manga, or video games, this event is worth going to. The tickets are going to be around $75 for adults and half the price for juniors.

Burning Man is more than a music festival and a remote camping experience in a desert. It is an event to celebrate creativity, art, cultural differences, and knowledge sharing. The festival will take place in Black Rock, Nevada from August 27 to 4th of September. The ticket cost is $575 but the whole experience can cost you around $2000.

Lollapalooza is another music festival similar to the Coachella and the Burning Man festival. This event annually takes place in Chicago. Usually, the performances are by Hip Hop and EDM celebrities. Lollapalooza 2023 is scheduled to start on August 3. And the prices of the tickets start from $350 for attending 4 days.


With these events marked in your calendar, you can have a complete experience of events and festivals in the USA. Book the tickets to the ones of your choice and make the most out of your vacation. Also, it is highly advisable to hit these events with your friends or partner.

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