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How Do I Upgrade My Internet Speed with Spectrum?

upgrade internet speed

Internet speed is a common concern for most internet users. After all, high-speed internet is no longer considered a luxury. It is has become a necessity. If you are a Spectrum subscriber then you might want to know about the ways to increase your Spectrum internet speed.

Before we discuss that, let’s talk a little about the provider. It is worth mentioning that the United States is one of the biggest markets for broadband service providers. The aforementioned provider is among the biggest suppliers of broadband services in the country. Users are entitled to a number of perks, discussed below.

What Are the Benefits of Subscribing to the Provider?

While there are many benefits of becoming a Spectrum subscriber, we have included the most important in this blog. Let’s discuss each in detail.

No Data Cap

This is arguably the biggest advantage of getting the provider’s subscription. Ask anyone what is the thing that bothers them the most about a broadband service provider and most of them would say data caps. There’s no denying that internet users prefer services that offer unlimited data. Many companies put a limit on the data consumers could use. This is something that many users find extremely frustrating.

With the said provider, you don’t have to worry about data caps. The company provides unlimited mobile data with all of its internet plans. That’s one of the reasons why it is so popular with internet users in the United States. Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra charges because there’s no cap on your internet data usage. Awesome, isn’t it?

No Contracts

Another great thing about subscribing to the provider is that you don’t need to sign any contract. Many internet companies put customers through a lot of hassle in the form of short or long-term contracts. These contracts bound customers with conditions like hefty termination fees or early leaving charges. That is why most internet users are reluctant to subscribe to companies that offer contracts.

Thankfully, you won’t find yourself in a difficult situation if you subscribe to the provider. That means you can terminate the service if and whenever you feel like it. Moreover, you won’t be paying hefty charges like early termination fees. What’s more, the provider offers services like OTA TV.

Excellent Customer Service

Nowadays, users prefer companies that provide excellent customer service. Many companies have made the provision of quality customer service part of their mission statement. Organizations know the value that customer care services bring to the table. That said, the broadband company is known for providing quality customer services. Users have nothing but good things to say about the provider. That says a lot about the quality of its after-sales services.

How to Improve Internet Speed with Spectrum?

You can improve your internet speed in many ways. The good news is, you don’t need to call a technician to fix the speed for you. You can do it yourself. Continue reading to know how you can improve your internet speed.

Restart Your Router

This method never fails to deliver. We all have tried this good old-fashioned trick at some point in our lives. Modern internet routers can work without interruptions. However, they need a break once in a while. It is advisable to turn off your router. Make sure to give it a rest of one to two minutes. This will allow your router to cool off and remove all the stored cache material.

You can press the power button to turn off the main switch to cut the power to your router. Wait for several minutes before plugging the switch in the socket. Your internet connection will work smoothly. In case you don’t get the required speed, perform the other methods.

Change the Placement of Your Router

It is advisable to place the router on a higher elevation. You can even place your router in a room with minimum furniture. Objects like furniture can restrict the signal strength of the router. You will see that the signal strength will be strongest in the room with the router. Placing the router near your smartphone or TV will provide you with a reliable internet connection.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables provide great speeds and a reliable internet connection. In case you are an avid gamer or a hardcore internet user, you should use an Ethernet cable. You may get good speed if you’re streaming Netflix on Charter cable, but online gaming does require high speed. It is advisable to connect your router and laptop/gaming console with an Ethernet cable to get the best gaming experience.

Get a New Router

If you are having constant trouble with your internet speed, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new router device. It is advisable to buy a new internet router then get one on lease from your internet service provider. Purchasing a new router is a one-time investment you should make. This way you will get a new device as well as improved speed for your home internet connection.

Reach Out to Customer Support Center

If none of the abovementioned methods work, then you should call Charter Spectrum and tell them about your internet speed. The customer support representative will inform you if they have ongoing maintenance or you would need to upgrade your internet plan. Reaching out to the support center is the final step you should take in order to upgrade your internet speed.


It is advisable to try different methods before reaching out to the customer support center. If you can fix your internet speed by restarting your router then all is good. If none of the other methods work then you can ask your provider to fix the issue. You can call them at any point of the day and they would respond to you quickly.

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