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What Channel is USA Network on Spectrum?

USA Network on Spectrum

What are you all going to do this holiday season? The chilly weather might stop you from heading out. But you can always make entertainment arrangements at home with USA on Spectrum. The channel airs some of the most prominent shows and movies. They would be enough to keep you busy the entire winter break.

Why Get USA Channel on Spectrum?

Not only does the channel air some of the most intriguing shows like CSI and Suits but it also airs hit movies including Dirty Dancing. Apart from that, you also get a chance to log in to the Live TV viewing option. What started as a sports channel now offers the viewers a complete range of entertainment.

If you wish to subscribe to USA Channel on Spectrum, the following channel guide table can be of great help to you.

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 29 Albany, NY 28
Yakima, WA 757 Charlotte, NC 946
Clarksburg, WV 29 Grand Island, NE 37
Milwaukee, WI 34 Carson City, NV 56
Cheyenne, WY 9 Lancaster, NH 48
Barre, VT 740 Duluth, MN 44
Richlands, VA 23 St. Louis, MO 28
Austin, TX 66 Billings, MT 24
Alcoa, TN 29 Bangor, MN 46
Corry, PA 37 Worcester, MA 31
Columbia, SC 25 Greenville, MI 55
Greensboro, NC 50 Bourg, LA 29
Akron, OH 40 Lexington, KY 26
Dallas City, OR 52 Bergen Co, NJ 67

Some Unknown Facts

Do not be surprised after reading the following lesser-known facts about the channel:

  • The USA had the honor of featuring the most popular scripted drama in the history of television- the season finale of Monk.
  • The channel had the first-ever female president in the history of television.
  • Some of the series featured there have had novels based on the characters included in them.
  • USA was the pioneer in broadcasting TV channels via satellite.

Popular Shows

After subscribing to USA Network on Spectrum, you would not want to miss the following shows:

The Biggest Loser

This reality show had most of the viewers’ eyes stuck to the TV screens until the show ended. USA still airs the show. Although it ended in 2016 after running for a good 17 seasons. The show received mixed reviews. Some people criticized the show for targeting people’s insecurities. While others appreciated the reality show for promoting a healthy living style.

Even after receiving criticism, the show was so popular that it had 30 adaptations around the world. People liked the format that the show operated on.


CSI is an abbreviation for Crime Scene Investigation. It is a crime drama television series. The show ran for a period of 15 seasons from 2000 to 2015. It starred William Peterson, George Eads, Jorja Fox and Ted Danson. The plot of the series revolved around an efficient team of crime investigators. They were employed by the Las Vegas Police Department. The team mad use of physical evidence to solve almost all of its cases. It is rather interesting to watch the team solve crime-related cases. People aspiring to become detectives or investigators would learn a lot from the show.


House is perhaps the most popular show that the channel ever featured. It is a medical drama series starring Hugh Laurie as the main character. The best part about his character is that he is on pain medication but is a genius at what he does. It is intriguing to watch how Dr. Gregory House often does not agree with what the fellow physicians or the diagnostic team have to suggest. And comes up with his solutions that are based on some subtle insights. If you haven’t watched the series as yet, tune into USA and start following the show.


Psych is an American detective but a comedy show. The name suggests otherwise. Starring James Roday and Dule Hill, the show has a huge fan following. There is a cult that formed after the show went off air. The cult calls itself PsychOs. After Psych’s finale in 2014, there was a two-hour long movie that premiered in 2017 with the same name. You have to watch the show to relish all that happens in it. Because words won’t do justice.


You do not have to be a lawyer to fall in love with this show. Harvey Specter is a name very popular with the majority even if they haven’t watched Suits. That’s the kind of impact Suits has on the people. The show ran for 9 seasons before concluding in 2019. It happens to be the network’s longest-running originally produced series.

Available Packages

You will have to be careful while selecting the package that you want to subscribe to. Because what good will be a package if it does not offer USA channel! Whether it is Spectrum TV Essentials package or a Triple Play deal you want, just make sure that USA is included in it. To make it convenient for you, following is the list of packages that offer USA:

  • Spectrum Select
  • Spectrum Silver
  • Spectrum Gold

You would be happy to know that all packages offer USA. In case you wish to add more variety, you can also opt for PPV on Spectrum. For more information, contact the reps on the Spectrum helpline. They will answer all your queries and give you the best possible suggestion.

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