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Ways to Negotiate for a Better Cable TV Package

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When you first signed up for an Internet package, it felt so affordable, right? You face the real music when the introductory period ends and the bill skyrockets. We all have been there, thinking it’s time to cut the cord and switching to streaming services.

Don’t make up your mind just yet. Talk to your cable company to reduce your bill. With these skills, you can actually get a better cable TV package:


It cannot be stressed enough – you must do your research and learn about all the major capable providers in your area. Find out if you are actually getting the best deal in your locality. For instance, if you have settled for Spectrum Select package, compare it with other providers and see if they have better perks to offer. Explore all the options around you before settling for any cable subscription be it Spectrum or any other provider.

Downsize Your Cable Package

The Nielsen report says that American households pay a huge cable bill to get 200+ channels when they hardly watch only 20 of them. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time you downsize your cable package. See if you can switch to the basic cable TV package.

Get Rid of the DVR and Modem

Renting a modem or DVR means you are paying between $5 and $20 extra for your package. Do you really need the DVR service? Isn’t it better that you watch the shows on-demand the next day instead of recording them?

If you love using DVR, instead of renting, buy your own. Similarly, get your own modem. It will save you a significant portion of money each year.

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Be Consistent

Your consistency is a key determinant if you wish to keep getting the best deals from your provider. The best course of action is to call your provider every 3 to 6 months and ask them about the current deals available for existing customers.

If you had already subscribed to a deal and it has experienced, some providers are willing to renew the offer. This just requires some effort from your side. Expect to get pleasing deals all year long by calling them time after time.

Check Competitors’ Deals

Sometimes, all you have to do is exploit the deals offered by competitors and trick your provider to offer you a better deal. Some providers are willing to match the offer of their competitors. To use this trick, you must do your homework. If you are confident enough, you might be able to score a discount on your bundle.

Don’t Take No for an Answer

If you have subscribed to the Charter Silver package and called customer service, you will hear the representative say they don’t have the authority to make changes in your bill. This is true. When they say that, ask them to connect you to their supervisor or manager. The higher you go up the chain, the more chances you have of securing a better deal.

Threaten to Leave

Have you ever canceled a cable service? If yes, then you would know that your cable company tries its very best to stop you from leaving. They would even offer a discount to make you stay.

So if they are not willing to accept your terms (which they won’t that easily), threaten to leave. Even if they are the only provider in your area, don’t hesitate to say goodbye.

Bundle It Together

It’s a very popular way of reducing your cable bill. Bundle the Internet, cable and phone service. Do the math yourself. You will when you are paying separately for each service, you are paying a lot of money. Bundling all services and subscribing to one provider is always a good deal.

If All Fails Cut the Cord

If the bill is still being expensive for you, then don’t hesitate to cut the cord. Start using streaming services instead of cable. This is another great way of watching HD shows and movies. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for watching premium content you know. Look for options around you and settle for what you can afford.

Tips for Better Negotiation

When you are on the phone talking to your provider, here are some tips that can help you lower your cable bill:

  • You might be tempted to start with an attitude. This is exactly what you must avoid. Keep a friendly tone to build a rapport.
  • Know what you are currently getting from your service, what you like and what you don’t to get a bargain.
  • Never accept the first offer they give you. It is not always in your best interest.
  • Whether you choose Charter Double Play or any other plan, it has a base price and hidden fees such as installation charges, equipment, and activation charges. Inquire about them to be sure the new plan fits your budget.
  • When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask. Always ask if there are any other ongoing incentives or promotions.
  • Keep your options open. You might have to miss out on some perks to get a better price and that should be ok.

Grab your phone and call customer service today to start a conversation with the sales agent.

The above prices and details are accurate at the time of this writing. Prices are subject to change at any time by the provider.

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