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What Channel Is HBO on Spectrum Cable?

HBO on Spectrum

HBO is a premium entertainment cable and satellite network which has always been a popular viewer’s choice because of its entertainment value. It carries some of the best movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, and comedy for the whole family. The Network currently has over 54 million subscribers within the United States and counting.

What is Spectrum HBO Channel Number?

The Charter Spectrum HBO channel number varies based on region. The following list displays what channel is HBO on Spectrum in major US cities. At the time of publishing, this channel list is accurate as per our best efforts. Channels and programming vary by region and are subject to change without notice.

City Channel # City Channel #
Montgomery, AL 501 – 514 Helena, MT 301 – 322
Yuma, AZ 511 – 517 Columbus, NE 511 – 524
San Diego, CA 511 – 517 Gardnerville, NV 501 – 525
Alamosa, CO 301 – 325 Middleton, NH 511 – 517
Winsted, CT 501 – 514 New Jersey, NJ 511 – 517
Orlando, FL 236 – 242 Oxford, NY 511 – 517
Columbus, GA 501 – 514 Burlington, NC 511 – 517
Moscow & Latah, ID 511 – 524 Bellevue, OH 602 – 609
Centralia, IL 511 – 524 Baker City, OR 501 – 525
Indianapolis Area, IN 661 – 667 Elkland, PA 511 – 517
Kansas City, KS 511 – 517 Greenville, SC 501 – 514
Benton/Calvert City, KY 650 – 659 Cleveland, TN 501 – 514
Church Point, LA 501 – 514 Austin, TX 511 – 517
Oxford, ME 511 – 517 Barre, VT 501 – 514
North Adams, MA 511 – 517 Suffolk, VA 501 – 514
Berlin, MI 503 – 525 Ellensburg, WA 501 – 525
City of Rochester, MN 501 – 514 Cleveland, WI 602 – 609
Montgomery, MO 501 – 514 Cheyenne, WY 301 – 322

Alternatively, you can visit their official channel guide to find the channel number for a specific location.

There’s so much more to HBO, with HBO GO, HBO On Demand, HBO PPV, and HBO NOW.

How can I Watch HBO On Demand?

HBO On Demand is a popular platform for viewers to get an instant entertainment fix. Simply log in and choose if you want to watch a show, movie, sports event, or special programming. Then just sit back and get an instant fix for your entertainment craving.

On-demand content has gained a lot of popularity in a generation that looks for instant gratification. With this provider, you get unlimited access to HBO’s massive library of on-demand content. You will be needing the HBO GO app to access the library with your Spectrum username and password.

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Does Spectrum Support the HBO GO App?

With Spectrum HBO GO, you can access your entertainment on-the-go. It lets you stream your favorite on-demand HBO content on a mobile or computer. There are two ways to use the HBO GO app with a Spectrum subscription. You can access the HBO GO app using your Spectrum credentials. Once you sign in, you can stream anything from original TV shows to blockbuster films to comedy content anywhere.

You can also access HBO mobile content using the Spectrum TV app. There are 2 major rules for accessing HBO content:

  1. You have subscribed to HBO in your Spectrum package
  2. HBO allows live streaming in your area

You can also get on-demand content using other streaming devices like:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox 360
  • Samsung Smart TV

What Channel is HBO PPV on Spectrum?

Pay Per View (PPV) is the best and most convenient way to catch recent hit movies and live events. Many subscribers use PPV to catch:

  • Major boxing events
  • Major wrestling events
  • Major MMA events
  • Live concerts
  • Professional sports

You can order PPV directly from this provider by using just your remote. You need to navigate to the PPV listing for the event and press OK. Then simply follow the instructions to order your PPV for the event.

PPV channels vary by location and are subject to change. At the time of publishing, the following list accurately represents Spectrum PPV channels to the best of our knowledge.

Does Spectrum Offer HBO Now?

Spectrum supports HBO GO but does not offer access to HBO NOW. HBO NOW and HBO GO are the network’s twin streaming services. On the face of it, they are pretty much the same. Both let you stream on-demand content. Both have the same online content library.

The major difference between the 2 is that HBO NOW is a standalone streaming service. HBO NOW does not require you to have a cable subscription. You only need to pay a flat rate to get access to all HBO on-demand content.

Conversely, HBO GO is free, but only with an HBO subscription. You need a cable subscription with HBO to be able to use HBO GO. Being one of the biggest cable providers in the US, Spectrum currently only offers access to HBO GO. You can use it with your Spectrum cable credentials. If you want HBO NOW, you’ll need to download the app and pay for the service.

How Much Does HBO Now Cost on Spectrum?

Time Warner Cable offers a huge selection of channels with its cable TV subscriptions. The best part is, you get to customize your subscriptions and include channels you really want. For a reasonable price of $15/mo, you can add HBO to your existing subscription.

You can also simply switch to the Spectrum TV Silver package which includes HBO and many other premium channels as well. The Spectrum HBO price is reasonable when you consider the entertainment value you get in return. The Spectrum TV Silver package costs you a fair $20/mo.

Why is HBO so Popular?

One major reason is the diversity of content. You get movies, shows, comedies, dramas, documentaries, and sports broadcasts. Out of all of these, perhaps what most appeals to our generation is the many excellent TV shows the network carries. You’ll definitely recognize some big names on the list of shows the network has, including:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Westworld
  • True Detective
  • Silicon Valley
  • The Wire
  • Vice
  • The Night Of
  • The Sopranos
  • Vinyl
  • Sex and The City

HBO offers diverse entertainment through premium channels such as:

  • HBO
  • HBO Comedy
  • HBO Comedy West
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Family West
  • HBO Latino
  • HBO Latino West
  • HBO On Demand
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO West
  • HBO Zone
  • HBO Zone West
  • HBO 2
  • HBO 2 West

Is it any wonder so many people want HBO as a priority when subscribing to a cable service?

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