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What Channel is FOX on Charter Spectrum?

what channel is fox on charter spectrum

Fox Entertainment- a name almost all of us are aware of. The network has given us some of the most entertaining movies. And we are grateful to it for providing us all with ultimate entertainment. With Fox on Charter, you never have a dull moment. From blockbuster movies, latest TV series, sporting events, to news updates, it has something for everyone.

Fox on Spectrum- Your Go-to Entertainment Hub

Fox never fails to impress the audiences with its original releases. Some of the famous movies that it has under its name include Daredevil, The Order, Fat Albert, Transporter, and Fantastic Four. Apart from that, animated movies like Rio and Kung Fu Panda are also original hits by Fox Entertainment. And how can one forget Deadpool and Logan? The list of some of the hit and celebrated movies fall under its Entertainment belt. Some of the upcoming movie titles that sound rather promising include Terminator: Dark Fate and Avatar 2.

Apart from that the network also has channels to its name that keep the audiences posted regarding all the news and sports. Not only this but business too.

What Channel Number is Fox on Charter?

If you are planning to subscribe to Charter and opt for the Spectrum Fox channel lineup, which you should, here is a comprehensive table to act as your guide. You can see which fox channel number do the various Fox channels are on in your state.

City/State Channel Number
Orlando, Florida 3
San Antonio, Texas 11
Portland, Maine 4
Raleigh, North Carolina 13

Now moving on to the various channels that the Fox network has under its belt.

Fox Sports on Spectrum- The Place for Sports Fanatics

If you categorize yourself as someone who is a sports fanatic and takes a keen interest in what is happening in the world of sports, then subscribe to Fox Sports. The channel promises to keep you posted with all that is happening in the sports galaxy. You won’t miss out on the details of any sport. You can subscribe to the fox sports channel number to watch the live-action.

FOX Sports
City/State Channel Number
Orlando, Florida 32
San Antonio, Texas 97
Portland, Maine 92
Raleigh, North Carolina 100

And you can also choose to visit the channel’s website. Fox Sports on Spectrum will be your ultimate guide when it comes to NFL, Soccer, MLB, Boxing, NBA, NHL, and Golf. You will even get updates regarding UFC and various other sports or sporting events that take place at distinct times of the year.

If you visit the website, you can choose to watch Live TV there too. Moreover, you can learn all about the event and TV schedules on the website. Hence, making it easy for you to keep up with all the schedules and planning accordingly. However, if you still miss out on any event, you can always visit the website to watch replays.

Not only this, but you will also get to watch some sports-related shows on the channel as well. These include Fair Game, Race Hub, Undisputed and The Ultimate Fighter.

You can choose to subscribe to Fox, CW or ESPN on Charter when you are selecting the channels for the package. Both channels will be your ultimate guide when it comes to sports news.

And if you wish to learn about what’s happening around the world, then you should subscribe to a news channel too. It offers you a channel for that too.

Stay on Top of the World with Fox News on Spectrum

If you want to catch up on what’s Trump up to and wish to know what is happening in the various states of America, its news is the go-to channel. Not only will you learn about the local or national news but also the global affairs on this channel. You will not only get access to the news and weather forecast but you will also be able to watch talk shows on politics, economy and world news.

Such shows add to your knowledge and give you food for thought. Fox News on charter as well as the website provides you with news in various sectors. These include politics, lifestyle, business, and world news.

FOX  News
City/State Channel Number
Orlando, Florida 28
San Antonio, Texas 60
Portland, Maine 41
Raleigh, North Carolina 58

However, if you are not interested in news or sports channel like Fox Sports 1 on cable, you can always select the channels of your choice from the Spectrum TV packages that you select. You will be pleased to learn that the company offers an array of channels that you can select from. And these include channels from various genres. And the company features some of the premium channels including HBO, in its Channel lineup.

If after reading this blog post, you are now interested in subscribing to Spectrum, you can always visit the company’s website or you can choose to call the help center. The Spectrum Customer service reps will be there to guide you and give you the best deal possible.

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