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What Channel is Freeform on Spectrum/Charter?

Freeform on Charter Spectrum

Flipping through your channels to find just one can be so frustrating! Especially since Spectrum has so many. Then there’s the risk of missing the channel because there’s an ad playing at the time. Since Freeform on Spectrum is popular, this guide will help you find it in your state.

Freeform is the number one channel that is targeted at the younger generation. The network executives call the target audience “becomers” because we’re going to become the future. How cool is that? From millennials, we have become the becomers!

Are Channel Numbers Different for Freeform on Charter?

This issue stems from way before. When cable TV was just starting up, many cable operators were appointed all over the country. Back then, cable TV was a local thing. Unlike today, when big companies like Spectrum provide the services. So local cable operators would set the channel lists for their customers.

When bigger cable companies started to buy out these small cable operators, they realized something. If they changed the channels numbers across the country, it would be chaos. People in every town and city wouldn’t know where channels, like Freeform on Charter, were.

So to avoid that, what they decided to do was keep the old channel numbers. People were already used to them. Additionally, the transition from dealing with local operators to larger cable companies would be easier. But newer TV channels and HD channels usually have the same numbers across the country. This is only an issue with cable TV though. If you have a satellite TV connection, the channel numbers remain the same throughout the country.

Where Can I Find Freeform on Spectrum?

Channel numbers can change depending on the state you’re in. But that doesn’t affect the programming schedule. The show times will remain the same, depending on your time zone. So at least you can still enjoy your favorite shows at the same times as always. If you subscribe to Spectrum cable packages, use the table below. It has the channel numbers for Freeform, in different cities and states.

Freeform Channel Schedule
City Channel # City Channel #
Clarksburg, WV 31/774 Bowling Green, KY 49
Lexington Metro Area, KY 34/1004 Louisville, KY 40
Jeffersonville, KY 40 Columbia, SC 20
Florence, SC 40 Lake City, SC 40
Greenville, SC 55/760 Montgomery, AL 46/723
Birmingham Area, AL 19 Dothan, AL 52
City of Erie, PA 55 Wilmington, DE 42
Charlotte, NC 29 Picayune, MS 53/722

If your state is not mentioned in the table above, here’s how you can find Freeform on Spectrum. Search for the Freeform channel schedule and include your state. Similar to how you would search for other channels like ESPN. Type in “Which channel is Freeform on Spectrum in Idaho” in the search bar.

Something About Freeform

Freeform started as a religious channel in 1977. Initially, it aired as the CBN Satellite Channel and was part of the Christian Broadcasting Network. The channel evolved by 1981 and focused more on family entertainment. By 1990 it was known as The Family Channel. At the time, it was one of the most popular family channels in the country.

By 1998 it was rebranded as the Fox Family Channel. The idea was that the network wanted to place it alongside the popular FOX Kids programming block. But the change was not successful. Eventually, the channel sold to Disney, who also owns the SEC Network. When Disney bought the channel, they rebranded it as the ABC Family channel. It remained as ABC Family until 2015 and enjoyed a decent viewership.

Eventually, it was rebranded again as Freeform and was targeted at us, the Becomers. Today the channel’s programming includes some original series. But mostly, it offers us reruns of our favorite shows, like Family Guy and The Middle.

Top TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Well, that’s simple. We like the shows that they have on their lineup. Here are some of the most popular shows in Freeform.

  1. Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger originally released on Freeform in 2018. So you’re not going to find it on other channels like FOX. In fact, the television superhero series was created just for Freeform. It’s based on the original comics by Marvel.

  1. Good Trouble

If you watched the Freeform original, The Fosters, then you might also be interested in this. Good Trouble is the spin-off from the show that released this year. It starts a few years after the events of The Fosters. One thing is for sure, you’re not going to find a show like this on other channels like CBS.

  1. Grown-ish

Everyone has heard of Black-ish. It originally aired on ABC. Well, this spin-off launched this year as well and follows the Zoey Johnson. The series starts as Zoey leaves her family to join college and start her next chapter. She soon realizes that the reality of college is much different than she had imagined.

The Purpose of this blog was to help find Freeform on Spectrum in your area. If the table above wasn’t helpful, and you don’t want to search online, there are other ways. You can call Spectrum Customer Service and simply ask them. They will be able to tell you all the channel numbers for your area.

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