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What Channel is TCM on Spectrum?

TCM on SpectrumTCM

Classic movies are always a charm to watch. Whether its romance or an action movie, TCM takes you back to the old days and reminisce the old times. Spectrum cable customers are fortunate enough to catch the best of classics by tuning in to TCM on Spectrum whenever they would like. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will never disappoint you.

About TCM

TCM is a classic division of Warner Bros. entertainment. It’s an American movie-oriented pay-TV network. This network was launched in 1994 and it has won the hearts of viewers ever since. The programming includes classic theater films from the Turner entertainment library. The channel also licenses films from other studios.

Some people think TCM is just home to classic movies but that’s not entirely true. The channel occasionally shows recent films as well. TCM is available in the USA, Ireland, Canada, Greece, France, Malta, UK, Africa, Asia Pacific, and several other countries.

Originally, TCM was a competitor to AMC (American movie classics) as both networks featured films released before the 1970s. AMC, later on in 2002, broaden its film content. It started featuring colorized movies and recent films.  When the TBS merged with Time Warner in the year 1996, the TCM network got access to the Warner Bros film library released after the 1950s. TCM became the only movie-oriented cable that devotes its entire programming to classic movies (uncut version) without commercials.

Spectrum Channel Guide for TCM

To watch TCM on your Spectrum cable, refer to the channel numbers below in your respective city/state:

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 91 Bergen Co, NJ 42
Yakima, WA 861 Albany,NY 58
Clarksburg,WV 195 Charlotte,NC 25
Milwaukee,WI 60 Grand Island,NE 88
Cheyenne, WY 61 Carson City, NV 57
Barre, VT 759 Lancaster, NH 631
Richlands, VA 195 Duluth, MN 64
Austin, TX 64 St. Louis, Missouri 60
Alcoa, TN 59 Billings,MT 47
Corry, PA 34 Bangor, MN 631
Columbia, SC 49 Worcester, MA 65
Greensboro, NC 57 Greenville, MI 40
Akron, OH 53 Bourg, LA 59
Dallas City, OR 64 Lexington, KY 77

What to Watch on TCM?

TCM is primarily a movie channel. The movies are featured during prime time and night hours between 8:00 pm to 23: am EST). Apart from Warner Bros. films, the channel has licensed films from 20th Century Studios, Paramount Pictures, Janus Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and StudioCanal.

TCM on Spectrum mostly airs movies from the 1900s through the 2000s. It occasionally broadcasts films from the 1990s and early 2000s. “Star of Month” is a regular that’s aired throughout the year. Films by a particular film star are shown during the night schedule. February to august are the special programming months.

Another popular show is “The Essentials”. It is broadcasted weekly on Saturday evenings. This show highlights a culturally significant movie. It starts with a special introduction of the movie followed by the movie and then the discussion of the movie.

Top Films Aired on TCM

Ever since the inception of the channel, TCM has been featuring wonderful movies. When you have free time or when you are experiencing a Spectrum Internet outage and don’t know what to do with your time, tune in to TCM.

Over the years, these are some films aired on this network:

The Birth of a Nation

This classic was released in 1915 when Europe had a monopoly on feature films. This movie also defined American cinema. It’s one of the greatest historical landmarks adopted by the novel and play called The Clansman. The plot of the movie is part fiction and part history. It takes us to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. This was the first movie to be screened in the White House, during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.


This was the most influential sci-fi films ever made. After its release in 1927, it inspired video games, comic books, and rock videos. The futuristic setting of the movie included art deco which quickly spread popularity.

This historical movie took 17 months to film with a budget of 5 million. Metropolis sets in the Weimar period In Germany. Freder discovers a cultured utopia in his city populated by mistreated workers. He befriends Maria, to help the workers.

The movie is not available in its original form today. Although 95% of the original scenes from the movie have been restored, if you get a chance to watch Metropolis, it won’t be the same. If this movie is aired on TCM on Spectrum don’t miss the opportunity to watch it.

The Bicycle Thief

This movie took the cinema to the streets. It’s shot at the location. The lead role is played by a factory worker. The bicycle thief is one of the post-war Italian films.

It’s the story of an unemployed man Antonia Ricci who finally finds a job of hanging posters. Maria, his wife, sells bed linens to retrieve his bicycle from a pawnshop. Disaster strikes when his bicycle is stolen and he was to find the thief if he wants to keep his job. The Bicycle Thief reflects the social reality of life after the war. Even though the job of a postman was hot in those days, there was still a significant gap between the rich and the poor.


Watching these classics will make you appreciate the effort put by directors and production houses in making movies in the accident days.

Don’t have TCM on your cable plan? No worries, call customer service to find out how to subscribe to this channel. The agent will help you whether it’s an issue related to Spectrum TV subscription error or even finding a channel number in your region.

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