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What Channel is Showtime on Spectrum?

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Spectrum TV™ packages, in addition to offering a varied number of standard and HD digital channel offerings, a huge On Demand Movies &TV Shows catalog (with 3D titles), and Spectrum TV™ App functionality (for watching televised content on-the-go); also come equipped with a large collection of Premium Channels.

This clearly emits your concern: what channel is Showtime on Spectrum TV™?

What Channel is ShowTime on Spectrum TV™?

ShowTime is one of the many Premium Channels available for viewing through select Spectrum TV™ standalone plans & bundled packages.

The said channel’s popularity among TV viewers hinges on the fact that it features many fan-favorite multi-genre televised productions – including a vibrant range of original series, movies, sports programs, documentaries, and comedy stand-up shows (among other categories of onscreen content). Many of these production featurettes have not only bagged a great deal of critical acclaim at the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Emmys (oftentimes in successive years); but most have continued to ride on the wave of popular public approval.

Some of the widely hailed ShowTime serial productions from the year 2017 include the Shameless, Homeland, Californication and the Dexter series; with many other expected to grace the screen in 2018.

With the DVR facility available on all Spectrum TV™ packages, it becomes easy to watch all the episodes of your desired ShowTime TV series at your own convenience – without having to miss out on anyone, or having to stay glued to the screen on a particular day of the week (and time).

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