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What Channel is Showtime on Spectrum?

What Channel is Showtime on Spectrum

Streaming options are like a backpack. The load of the movies and shows you can watch keep on weighing you down. How many of them do you really need? The limit does not exist, right? If you are looking for ultimate entertainment, which means the juiciest TV shows and the latest movies, ShowTime, has got you covered.

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What Channel is Showtime on Spectrum?

Showtime is a flagship service of CBS Corporation. It also owns The Movie Channel and Flix. Time Warner Cable Showtime is considered to be the American premium cable network. That explains why so many cable subscribers are crazy about it. The said channel is available to 29.7 million households in the United States.

The network’s programming primarily includes motion pictures, original TV series, martial arts, and boxing matches, stand-up comedy, and made-for-TV movies.

For tuning into Showtime on your Spectrum Select package, pick from the Showtime channel number below depending on your state:

Channel Name California Orlando Ohio
Showtime 551 259 259
SHO 2 552 261 261
Showtime Showcase 553 262 262
SHO Beyond 555 263 263
SHO Extreme 554 264 264
SHO Next Not available 269 269
SHO Women Not available 267 267
Showtime Family Zone Not available 270 270

Showtime Channel Number and Channel Variations

To get exclusive access to Showtime, Spectrum offers various cable packages. You will get the best deal if you choose Spectrum TV Silver. This will give you commercial-free access to all the hit series, star-studded movies and of course, intriguing documentaries. You will just have to know what channel is Showtime on Spectrum in your state. If you are in California, tune into channel # 551 to start watching.

Showtime has up to 15 different multiplex channels. Some of them are already available on Spectrum. However, whether or not you can access them depends on your state. These are some of its popular channel variations:

  • Showtime: It’s the flagship channel that features films, blockbuster movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy specials, etc. You will catch all the original series here.
  • Showtime 2: Also known as SHO2, it is a secondary channel for movies, specials, and original series.
  • Showcase: It features movies, original (made-for-cable) films, and first-run featured films produced exclusively for Showtime.
  • Showtime Beyond: It’s a mix of sci-fi, horror, fantasy films and sci-fi made-for-cable series produced by Showtime as well.
  • Showtime Extreme: It airs thrillers, action, gangster and adventure films. Along with that, you can also expect sporting events such as martial arts and boxing matches.
  • Showtime Family Zone: As the name implies, it features family-oriented programs, specials, and movies for the younger audience.
  • Showtime Next: Also known as SHO Next, it features movies geared towards adult audiences between 18 and 34 years of age. The films that are featured on the channel include live-action, animated films, and original movies for cable subscribers. The channel also broadcasts concert specials and documentaries.
  • Showtime Women: This channel is targeted towards females. It broadcasts featured films, specials, and original series. If you have a thing for shows like Supergirl or Riverdale on CW, you will enjoy watching Showtime Women.

Fortunately, all these channel numbers and variations are available on Spectrum. However, if you can’t find them, it is best to call the helpline.

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Trending TV Series on Showtime

Showtime has a pretty awesome lineup of original programs just like HBO. If you are searching for some good TV series to watch, check out these trending shows on the network:

  1. Homeland: It’s Showtime’s biggest hit. It’s a story of a cat and mouse game of a CIA agent, Carrie Mathieson, who gets assigned to one of the most violate stations in the Middle East. She is put in the heart of the battle in a war.
  2. Shameless: It’s a remake of a British series with the same name. The series is about a dysfunctional family. William H. Macy, the father struggles to stay sober along with keeping everyone’s life from falling apart. It’s 9 seasons deep so yes, you will have plenty of entertaining nights. That makes it the longest running show on the network as well.
  3. The Affair: This series is an amazing portrayal of an upper-crust New York life. It narrates the story of a writer who has an affair with a local waitress. This happens during a summer while he is spending time with the family of his wife in Montauk.
  4. Billions: It unravels the story of a shrewd US attorney, Chuck Rhoades when he embroils himself in a game with Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund king. Rhoades had never lost a trading case in his life. The show has a high-profile cast that will keep you hooked.
  5. Twin Peaks: It is one of those shows that have changed the landscape for TV. It’s a parody of soap operas and you will see a few elements of teen drama, crime thrillers, and horror movies in between.

Latest Movies on Showtime

Whenever you want to watch something other than TV series, you don’t have to switch to Paramount Network or another channel. Showtime brings its viewers an amazing list of original movies made for cable users. The genre ranges from documentaries, horror movies, comedies, to drama and so much more.

Here are some of the new releases on Showtime:

  • Operation Odessa
  • I Feel Pretty
  • Blood Fest
  • Baby Driver
  • The Death of Stalin
  • The House of Tomorrow

Apart from these options, you can view a whole catalog of movies based on your favorite genre. Showtime offers more than 500 on-demand movies. Once you know what channel is Showtime on Spectrum in your area, a world full of entertainment will be in your hands.

Stream and Download with Showtime Anytime

For its premium channels such as Fox and Starz, Spectrum has a separate bundle offer as well. For Showtime, this bundle is known as “Showtime Anytime.” You are allowed to stream and download the movies, sports events, documentaries or original series with its subscription. You can always contact their customer service to inquire more about the said bundle.

If you liked what you read and your current cable bundle doesn’t have Showtime, maybe it’s time you make some adjustments in your package.

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