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What is Spectrum TV Stream? Spectrum Rolling Out!

Spectrum TV Stream

What’s better than watching TV with Spectrum TV Stream?

Watching TV on the go! Just think of it. You currently live in an era where you can take your TV with you. Wow, what a time to be alive. If you have subscribed to services like Spectrum TV stream, you know the joy of streaming unlimited movies and shows even on the go. Gone are the days when you had to glue yourself to a couch. And restrict yourself to the living room to watch your favorite show. It’s a different world out there now.

Watch Live TV On the Go

Spectrum brings to you an option to stream live TV via the TV channel app. If you have a tablet or a smartphone (chances that you have either of them are high), you do not have to sit through a boring commute doing nothing. The TV app will keep you company. As it allows you to do the following:

  • Choose from an array of 80+ channels
  • Watch Live TV

But you need to have an Internet connection to access the app. But it is worth the investment as you get access to sports, news and kids channels. You can even watch movies if you have the app. Some of the many channels that you can access using the app include HBO, Cartoon Network, CNN and NBA. Apart from this, you can watch the On Demand content on the app as well. Moreover, your DVR shows are accessible via the app as well. Think of a better deal than this. For sure you can’t. Wait till you hear what else it has to offer. So, it is not your tablet or mobile that you can access the app on. In case you are wondering, you can use this Spectrum TV streaming service on Roku and Xbox One as well.

Spectrum TV Streaming Service has More in Store!

Talking of the Spectrum TV app, let’s dig a little deeper and see all that the streaming service has to offer. You can search by the title of a show or the name of a person to access your desired content. Apart from that, the app’s got you sorted by offering everything in one place. This includes your Live TV, On Demand and your DVR. So, you do not need to waste time searching. More watching. Less of time wasting.

The cherry on top? You get access to thousands of free On Demand shows. Seems like investing in mobile data ain’t that bad a deal after all. And you can sort them in one place as well by adding them to your ‘favorites.’ Problem = solved.

Apart from all this, the Spectrum TV stream also allows you to resume watching a show or movie from where you left. Just view your ‘Watch Later’ menu and select the show you want to resume watching. Not only do you have access to On Demand shows, but your DVR is also accessible through the Spectrum TV streaming service as well.

You Are the Boss

Moreover, the app also makes you the boss of all your services. Great feeling, isn’t it? You get to block by rating or channel by setting a PIN. And you do not have to go through the hassle of blocking on every device individually. The blocks apply to all the devices that are signed in with the same username. In case you want to remove something from the block list, just enter the PIN. It’s that simple.

How to Get the App?

In case you are wondering how to get the app, then here’s your easy guide. All you need is:

  • Compatible streaming device (the keyword being compatible)
  • Spectrum Internet connection
  • A Spectrum username

Apart from that, you will also need the Spectrum TV streaming service. Once you have access to all this, you are good to go. After this, you only need to download the app and sign in with your username.

Need Help?

In case you need help, the customer support center is always there to help. Not only will the experts be happy to guide you through packages of your Spectrum TV stream related issues, but any problem that you face. These can include one or more of the following:

  • TV troubleshooting
  • TV channel lineup
  • Programming your remote

Apart from this, the reps can always answer your queries regarding the plans and packages that suit your need. Because Spectrum is not all about cable service. The company also offers Internet and voice services. In fact, you can always choose from bundles and opt for a double or triple service bundle. Currently, the company is also offering a holiday season savings bundle.

This is a spectrum triple Play bundle where you get to relish all three services the company offers. And the best part is that the company does not tie you to a contract. Apart from this, you get a free modem and faster Internet speeds. Which means that you get to stream shows on the app at a faster speed. That’s a perfect two-in-one happy package to make your holidays even more fun. The point is that the company keeps coming up with exciting deals.

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