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Reasons: Why You Should Choose Spectrum?

Why choose spectrum?

Choosing the right ISP for your increased online needs for entertainment, work from home, online classes, and running smart appliances requires making a well-informed and wise decision. Cable internet is becoming a reliable solution for most of the users.

The market is saturated with ISPs with all their lofty claims and well-orchestrated marketing strategies to lure you in. Among them, Charter Spectrum stands out and upholds its reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted ISP for decades.

The second-largest provider of cable with substantial coverage to over 42 states, Spectrum has not only managed to win a massive number of new customers, but has also retained its existing clientele. Let’s know why!

No Frustrating Contracts

One of the most common features of every ISP in the country is that many try to shackle its customers in term-agreements and contracts. They usually make users sign a contract because they want to retain them when they hike the prices. Spectrum doesn’t believe in constricting the freedom of its customers. There are no frustrating contracts to chain you. You can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you please. But guess what? The percentage of unsubscribing customers is fairly low. This implies that Spectrum is delivering quality services.

Take this instance. You sign a 2-year contract with an ISP. But in a couple of months, you find out that you have to move. In this situation, you will have to break the agreement and in turn, suffer from an early termination fee. With Spectrum, however, you don’t have to worry about any such agreement s and ETF.

Spectrum is a month-to-month service and you get to cancel it and re-subscribe at any time! So that is one less thing – and a huge one no doubt – to worry about!

No Data Caps

This is one of the major pluses with Spectrum! Most of the ISPs impose data volume restrictions on their users. While data caps favor the ISPs to control network congestion and to avoid choking, it is not good for users. It results in throttling and data drops down to a bare minimum by the end of the month.

Considering that data caps and its related concerns are highly unpopular among internet users, Spectrum has removed them from all its plans entirely. You can indulge in unlimited browsing, incessant gaming, binge streaming, and endless shopping. As much as you please!

Moreover, you get to have the protection of Spectrum’s FREE Security Suite! Now, this is increasingly becoming a top priority in these risky times.

Fiber-Fast Speeds

If you compare the internet providers in the markets, you will realize that Spectrum is offering blazing speeds with affordable billing schedules. DSL providers do offer low prices but they also provide low speeds. On the other hand, fiber-optic internet providers offer great speeds but at overwhelming prices.

Spectrum treads the moderate ground. It has leveraged its existing coaxial cable infrastructure and enhanced it with fiber-optic technology modifications. Therefore, it has managed to offer speeds up to as much as 940 Mbps. Even the entry-level speeds are 100 Mbps, which are still 20x faster than the speeds offered by DSL.

This makes Spectrum an ideal option for those who want to great speeds with affordable billing.

Contract Buyout

Stuck with the wrong ISP and dreading the early termination fee for unsubscribing? Switching providers isn’t easy. Especially when you have signed a contract. Spectrum is here to save you!

Spectrum vows to facilitate its clientele in every possible way. Therefore, it offers a solution to this problem too. With the contract buyout facility, it frees you from any commitments with your previous provider. On your behalf, it pays off your early termination fee up to a $500 value.

All you need to do is to subscribe to a qualifying plan by Spectrum. In addition, fill up the contract buyout form available online and get a copy of the last bill you received from your previous ISP. Once you do all this, sit back and relax while Spectrum does the rest for you!

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The Advantage of the Best Triple Play Bundles

It is a no-brainer as we all know that plans in the clubbed format are more budget-savvy than their standalone counterparts. Spectrum is known for its well-thought and comprehensively designed bundled plans. You get to have all three services of internet, cable TV, and phone in a single and more affordable bill.

Moreover, you get to enjoy free installation services. Also, you will definitely save yourself the hassle of interacting with three different providers for these essential amenities separately.

Internet Specials

Have you looked up Spectrum back to school deals and promotions? One of the best things about Spectrum is that it is considerate about the needs of the different consumer categories. From students specials and old-age users to low-income households, the provider has managed to cater to the online needs of all these groups.

Its Internet Assist plan delivers high-speed broadband to people who are a legit part of Community Eligibility Provision, National School Lunch Program, and Supplemental Security Income. They receive it at an incredibly low rate.

A Glimpse of Spectrum’s Internet, TV, and Mobile Plans

With its services available across more than a third of the households in the USA covering 41 states, Spectrum has been satisfying its customers with an assortment of Internet, TV, and mobile plans. These plans are carefully crafted based on the unique tastes and budgets of customers. Living proof of that is the 15.22 million Spectrum TV subscribers across the country. Let’s have a look at their plans:

Charter video subscribers in the United States

Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet is known as a dependable and high-speed connection internet service across America. Here’s what the provider has in store for you:

Plan Name Download Speed Price
Spectrum Internet Up to 200 Mbps Starting at $49.99/mo. for 12 months
Internet Ultra Up to 400 Mbps Starting at $69. 99/mo. for 12 months
Internet Gig Up to 1 Gbps Starting at $89. 99/mo. for 12 months

TV Plans

Spectrum TV Select is the company’s only television package, including 125+ network and basic cable channels. However, you can add premium channels as a la carte to your package during the checkout process. Here is what you can get from the provider’s TV plans:

Plan Name Price   Channels Popular Channels
Spectrum TV Select Starting at $49.99 per month for 12 months 125+ ESPN, Hallmark, AMC, and some others


Add-on Tiers   Spectrum TV app   No. of Channels/ Popular Channels Price
Sports View Included 20+ (MLB Network, NFL RedZone) $6 per month
Entertainment View Included 80+ (NFL Network, Cooking Channel) $12 per month
Latino View Included 70+ $12 per month


Premium Channels Spectrum TV app   No. of Channels/ Popular Channels Price
HBO Max Included Includes 8 HBO channels including HBO Max $15 per month
STARZ Included Includes STARZ and STARZ Encore $9 per month
Cinemax Included Includes Cin $10 per month

Spectrum Mobile Plans

Only existing Spectrum subscribers will be able to use Spectrum Mobile. However, for those who qualify, the carrier offers some fantastic rates. The provider lets you choose a monthly data option that works for you. With Spectrum mobile, you can save up to 60 percent on your monthly wireless bill. Here are the plans The Unlimited Plus plan is 5G enabled.

Plan Name Price No. of Lines Perks
 By the Gig $14 per GB Can share data with up to 10 lines FREE nationwide talk and text
Unlimited $29.99 per month per line Includes 2 lines FREE nationwide talk and text
Unlimited Plus $39.00 per month per line Includes 2 lines FREE nationwide talk and text

Bundle Them Up!

It’s hard to keep track of multiple bills, right? You can say goodbye to this by choosing bundles and paying one monthly bill. The provider lets its customers bundle TV and internet services to get a reasonable deal. Here’s what a basic internet and TV bundle looks like:

Plan Price Spectrum TV App No. of Channels Download Speed
Internet + TV Select $99.98 per month for 12 months Included 125+ including free HD channels Up to 200 Mbps

Customer Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are well aware of the fact that customer support services are a weak department when it comes to the ISP industry at large. However, Spectrum has shown remarkable improvement in this regard too. The American Customer Satisfaction Index has given a score of 63/100 in customer service to Spectrum in 2020.

To facilitate and assist its customers, Spectrum has redefined and refined its support platform. IT now includes more self-help options. You can manage and pay your bills online without having to necessarily visit a bank or a customer service store.

At stores, employees are provided with the PPE gear and thorough sanitization according to the CDC protocols is in place. The telephone lines for customer support are open 24/7. You can take advantage of the live chat feature too.

Enough reasons to choose Spectrum as your internet service provider?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum a good choice?

Spectrum has a good reputation throughout America. Apart from affordable plans and the option to bundle your services, the company doesn’t tie you down with lengthy contracts. Their customer service is reliable.

Is Spectrum better than Verizon?

Both Spectrum and Verizon are heavyweights in the internet and cable industry. On the surface, Verizon’s plans appear to be more budget-friendly but when it comes to availability of services, speeds, and perks, Spectrum takes the trophy.

Are customers happy with Spectrum?

Spectrum takes customer satisfaction as a priority. Most customers are generally happy with how professionally the agents handle their queries and concerns.Data updated: 06/25/2022

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