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Why is Time Warner Cable Now Referred to as ‘Time Warner Spectrum’?

Time Warner cable Internet deals

In May of 2016, Charter Communications acquired the Time Warner Cable Company (TWC) in an estimated $65 billion merger. In a historic first within the cable services industry operational inside the country. After the dual acquisition, the company began to collectivize its complete provisions under the now-famous ‘Spectrum’ brand name. Which for all intents and purposes continues to be the TWC public face. Charter Spectrum (Now TWC Spectrum too) famous for providing HDTV, High-Speed Time Warner Internet, and Digital Phones.

Time Warner Spectrum: A Brand Overview

Spectrum combines the experience with Time Warner Spectrum, technical expertise, and a large number of extra-service features of its (former) constituent operators to deliver a range of subscription plan offerings – which remain unrivaled (when contrasted with their peers in the consumer market) in terms of their performance dynamics & tariff-affordability.

Although the popular press continues to provide its own reasoning behind this corporate merging endeavor, the Spectrum Cable Company feels that it is necessary to provide its own take on this issue (and, being the primal instigator behind this move, considers it its responsibility to do so).

Since Spectrum time warner, as a brand, is all about providing the highest levels of value & utility in exchange for every note of currency spent by its loyal consumers-base, it was only natural for the company to consider acquiring & assimilating the distinct technological competencies of its fiercest market competitors – and bringing them under its singular services portfolio.

Although the popular press continues to provide its own reasoning behind this corporate merging endeavor. Spectrum feels that it is necessary to provide its own take on this issue. And, being the primal instigator behind this move, consider it our responsibility to do so.

What is Spectrum’s Goal?

Spectrum aims to incorporate the latest software and hardware implements to its individual Cable HDTV, Spectrum Internet, and Digital Phone service plans, so you (being part of its sprawling consumer family) get to revel in the assurance that your hard-earned money is only being spent in the attainment of the best entertainment & connectivity services in the business!

By offering

  • Stable Time Warner Internet bandwidth speeds starting at 60 Mbps
  • Channel-listings of some of the most diversified Cable HDTV stations currently on offer (over 175+)
  • one of the largest national & international digital calling networks around

Time Warner Spectrum hopes to fulfill all your instant connectivity needs without leaving any room for recourse to another cable operator’s services.

Almost anyone can agree that it is much better to contend with the multiple paid services of one company. (a decision which proves to be considerably more cost-effective and hassle-free in both the short & long terms). Rather than juggling tiringly with the expensive subscription offerings of several different providers.

Gaining the Benefit of Contract-Free Subscriptions

In addition to the unparalleled range of service features that it provides alongside its primary subscriptions. Time Warner Spectrum offers the further benefit of imparting contract-free term agreements to all of its new customers. This means that they now have the option of canceling their subscriptions at any time that suits their fancy, without having to incur any exorbitant monetary fines in ‘early termination fees.

This legal stipulation not only provides some much-needed ‘navigation’ or ‘breathing’ space to their customers. But it also inculcates them with subtle confidence in Spectrum’s ability to make good on its claims.

In order to gain more background information (both generic and technical) on all of Spectrum’s services, please check out the other FAQ entries in this section.

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