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13 Work from Home Essentials You Must-Have

Work from Home Essentials

COVID-19 outbreak has forced businesses to work remotely. Every organization is obligated to take the necessary precautions for keeping its employees and the community safe. Amidst the change, many employees are adjusting to the new work from home routine.

We are sure you know having a great Internet service (you might want to check out Spectrum Internet plans for that), a comfortable chair, a desktop or laptop, and a separate space are mandatory to keep productivity intact.  There are, in fact, more essentials other than these to help you stay motivated and comfortable while you WFH (work from home). Let’s check them out together:

1. Clothing That Isn’t Pajamas

It’s a relief you don’t have to wear a suit or other work clothes you have always hated. However, pajamas are a big productivity killer. They are associated with leisure. Wear something else that gets you in the mood to work. You will get more done work done this way.

2. Lap Desk

Some of us live in studio apartments. Some also share their apartments with a roommate. Not everyone has a spare room to work. If that’s your case, invest in a good lap desk. Most of them have a dedicated spot for mousepad and phone too. The desk allows you to work from the comfort of your bed or couch.

3. Light Lamp

Office buildings have huge windows and you get plenty of natural sunlight. The same kind of light is not there at homes or apartments. This is one reason why some of us feel lazy while working at home. To fix this, have a light therapy lamp on your desk. It mimics the sunshine. It will illuminate your workspace and boost your mood to stay productive.

4. Water Bottle

You got to stay hydrated while working from home. Don’t just live on coffee to jack yourself up. The easiest way to remember taking water is by having a water bottle near you. Get a water bottle with a straw to sip because it’s no easy feat to drink water.

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5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

To work in peace, everyone needs noise-canceling headphones. Nothing kills the mood hearing noisy neighbors, crying toddlers next door, or even your roommate talking to someone on phone.

6. Light Blocking Glasses

Sitting in front of the screen for a long time can be stressful. To prevent the light from straining your eyes, wear light blocking glasses. They will save you from an impending headache. You can also wear them to work once the quarantine ends. Plus, they look stylish.

7. Notebook, Sticky Notes, Pens, and Highlighters

Always have a notebook and some pens on your desk. You may have to write down an idea as it pops up in your head. Have sticky notes available too for reminders. Use highlighters to mark important info. Keep the notebook for work purposes only. This way you won’t have to search for an important piece of information when it’s needed the most.

8. Communication Tools

Everyone’s got to stay connected to their team and bosses while working from home. For that, you must have all the best communication tools installed in your system. These include Zoom, Slack, Asana, Trello, Dropbox, Skype, and others to make instant messaging, file sharing, and collaboration smooth.

9. Extension Cord

Nothing is more frustrating than not having an electrical outlet nearby when you need it the most. To avoid the fuss, have an extension cord with plenty of outlets ready. It may seem like you just need a plug for your laptop’s charger right now but as you start working, you will have to plug a lot more. Printer, a lamp, a phone charger are just a few items to name.

It’s best to have an extension cord at hand than wasting your time looking for a vacant outlet in some other part of the home.

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10. Wireless Printer

If the nature of your work requires a printer, it’s recommended to get a wireless printer with Wi-Fi capability. Having this printer means you can print from any device – tablet, smartphone and even email a document to the printer and have it printed from a remote location.

Don’t have Wi-Fi in your home? Spectrum offers for Wi-Fi might interest you.

11. Shredder

Those who need a printer would also need a shredder to destroy the documents with sensitive information. Get a shredder that doesn’t jam and works fast. You wouldn’t want to waste your time fixing it every time you are about to shred a document.

12. Perseverance

Every individual has a different level of perseverance. Don’t get discouraged if things start slowly. Don’t lose hope if you start slacking off 2 weeks into the routine. It’s ok not to be productive at times. Take it one day at a time.

13. Maintain Distance

We don’t mean social distance but working without distractions. The office and home are not the same places. Stay away from social media, YouTube, and games during office hours.

Also, don’t consume yourself in work. If it’s past the scheduled hours, leave the task until tomorrow.

You may or may not need all these essentials to smoothly adjust to the WFH home. Pick the ones that are related to the nature of your work and home conditions. If you need affordable Internet during this period of crisis, call Spectrum help and ask about their relief offers.

Good look with adjusting to this change!

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