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YouTube TV Channels List and Pricing

YouTube Live TV Channels List

YouTube TV is giving streaming platforms like Hulu Live TV and Sling TV a run for their money. The race amongst all these online streaming platforms revolves around the viability of them as an alternative for cable TV.

You can get access to almost all your favorite pay-TV networks on YouTube TV. From local and international channels to prominent broadcast networks, the subscribers will get access to all.

Why Go for YouTube TV?

You might have this question in mind that why you should ditch other online streaming services, and subscribe to YouTube streaming service. Well, the answer to your question lies in the list of features mentioned below:

  • 70+ channels to choose from
  • No more cat videos and influencers getting displayed on your screens
  • More people allowed to stream national networks’ local stations.
  • 6 Google accounts to access your YouTube TV subscribed account. But only three simultaneous streams allowed
  • Inclusion of a Personal Cloud DVR and YouTube Red original series
  • Google support available through voice chat and text over YouTube TV app
  • Compatible with most TV sets, OS and streaming devices

What Channels are on YouTube TV?

The YouTube TV lineup includes all the channels mentioned in the following table:

YouTube Channels List

ABC AMC Cheddar Business ESPNU Discovery Channel Fox News Channel FXM MotorTrend My Network TV SEC
Adult Swim BBC America Decades ESPNews Food Network Fox Sports Golf Channel MLB Network Nat Geo Wild Start TV
Animal Planet Bravo Disney Channel E! Cheddar News FS1 HGTV MSNBC NBA TV Seattle Sounders
BBC World News CBS Disney Junior CoziTV CNBC FS2 HLN My Network TV NBC Sports Newsy
Brave CNN Disney XD Cartoon Network CNBC World Freeform Local New Investigation Discovery NBC Pop
ACCN CBS Sports ESPN The CW Fox FX IFC MLB Game of the Week NBC Sports Network Tastemade
SNY Smithsonian Channel TBS TCM Olympic Channel Orlando City SC Start TV SundanceTV Syfy Telemundo
Tennis Channel NECN NESN Newsy OWN TLC Travel Channel TNT TruTV TYT
Big Ten Network Cheddar Big News ESPN2 CBS Sports Fox Business FXX Los Angeles Football Club National Geographic Universal Kids Universo
USA We TV YES YES Network YouTube Originals

Some of the channels mentioned in the table are professional sports and college networks. This implies that they will only be available regionally. Although YouTube TV is doing great and has garnered a lot of local support, prominent channels like ABC, The CW, NBC, and others might not be available for live streaming in your market.

The following section will discuss the packages and add-ons that you can opt for after paying an additional cost. However, if you still do not find your favorite channel in any of the lists, you can suggest the YouTube TV team on their channel request form. And they will try to cater to your request.

YouTube TV Add-On Channels and Packages

The base YouTube TV package comes at a price of $49.99.  However, subscribers get an option to opt for any of the add-on packages that they please. The options also include sports channels that the sports fanatics can subscribe to after paying an extra amount of money for that.

You can select from the following options:

  • AMC Premiere for $5/month
  • EPIX for $6/month
  • NBA League Pass for $40/month
  • Shudder for $5/month
  • Sundance Now for $7/month
  • CuriosityStream for $3/month
  • Fox Soccer Plus for $15/month
  • SHOWTIME for $11/month
  • Starz for $9/month

YouTube TV cost for each of the add-on is listed above. It is upon your discretion if you want to stick to the basic package or you want to add some channels to the package. You get access to over 70+ channels as a part of the basic package. Apart from that, you also get access to YouTube Originals channel, which in itself is a treat.

What New does YouTube TV Offer?

Having looked at the package, add-ons and their costs, the question now arises that what new does YouTube TV offer? In the summers of 2019, YouTube TV made changes to its ‘Now Playing’ section. The new interface for this section meant that the adjustments now came with larger than before image thumbnails.

Apart from that, YouTube TV also introduced a progressive and a fast-forward section labeled ‘More to watch’. This section became an instant hit among the subscribers as it recommended related content to the viewers. The suggestions meant that viewers now had access to a larger library of shows and movies in the genre that they relished watching.

Streaming Devices that Work Well with YouTube TV

As mentioned earlier in the blog, YouTube TV is compatible with a huge variety of TV sets and streaming devices. The Smart TV companies that support YouTube TV include select LG models, Sharp, Sony Smart TVs, Vizio, Hisense, and Samsung.

Digging a little deeper into the matter, let’s discuss all the devices that YouTube TV is compatible with. To begin with, you can watch YouTube TV via Xbox One consoles and Chromecast. Apart from that, you can also relish watching YouTube TV on desktops, iOS, laptops, and Android.

However, one of the major issues that YouTube TV faced was its limited support for streaming devices. But subscribers do not have to worry about this issue as well. Because YouTube TV app landed on Roku, Ultra, Apple TV boxes,  stick and Express in 2018. Hence, ticking off another worry from the subscribers’ list. Apart from that, YouTube TV is also available on Amazon Fire TV devices.

Live TV, Local Channels and Sports on YouTube TV

One of the most amazing features that YouTube TV offers is the live streams of the cable channels included in the packages. This feature works in accordance with a person’s location. For example, someone residing in New York will get access to ABC 7, NBC 4 and FOX 5. But he will not be able to watch PBS. You will have to visit YouTube TV’s Home tab to have access to all the live TV streaming options. The app will also suggest the top picks according to your taste and preference.

As far as the sports networks that YouTube TV offers are concerned, then you get access to the following:

  • CBS Sports
  • The Tennis Channel
  • ESPN Channels
  • Big Ten Network
  • SEC Network
  • Olympic channel
  • NBC Sports

DVR Shows and the Allowed Limit

Like many other streaming services e.g. Spectrum streaming service, YouTube TV also allows subscribers to DVR their favorite shows and movies. If you wish to record your favorite show, hit the ‘+’ button and YouTube will record it for you, provided that it is live.

The best part? You do not have a storage cap. This means that you can record as many hours of shows as you please. But keep in mind that each recorded show will vanish from your DVR library after nine months. That’s the only limit you should worry about.

Type of On-Demand Content

Subscribing to YouTube TV means that you have access to on-demand content when it comes to the recently broadcasted shows as well as movies. You cannot get access to any old content. If the movie or a show airs or re-airs on a certain channel that YouTube TV offers, only then you will get on-demand access for it.

YouTube TV vs. YouTube Red

YouTube Red is another paid service that YouTube offers. You can strip off all the ads from the videos that you are streaming using this service. Apart from that, for an amount of $9.99/month, YouTube Red also allows subscribers to download videos offline. They can then watch those videos later.  Not only this but subscribing to YouTube Red also gives you access to Google Play Music.

YouTube TV vs. Other Cable Replacement Services

YouTube TV has an edge when it comes to ‘no cap’ policy for DVR recordings. Apart from that, the clean and easy to use interface also attract the people towards this service. However, YouTube TV is more expensive than other services because of the add-ons that it offers. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, both come at a cheaper cost than YouTube TV. The only service that costs as much as YouTube TV is DirecTV Now but it offers fewer channels (40) than YouTube TV as well.


What is YouTube TV, and how does it work?

It is an online streaming service that you can access through subscription.

How much does YouTube TV cost, and is there a contract?

It is $49.99 a month for the basic package. And there is no contract.

What’s new in YouTube TV?

Tweaked ‘Now Playing’ section and the new ‘More to watch’ section.

How many can stream at once?

3 people can stream at once on their devices.

Where is YouTube TV available?

In the U.S.

Which streaming devices work with YouTube TV?

Chromecast, Xbox One consoles, Android, desktops, iOS, laptops, Apple TV boxes, Stick, Roku TVs, Ultra, Express.

Can I get YouTube TV on my smart TV?

Yes, if you have a smart TV from companies including Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, Hisense, and Sharp.

Can you watch live TV on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can.

What sports does a YouTube TV offer?

ESPN channels, CBS Sports, the Tennis Channel, NBC Sports, SEC Network, Olympic Channel, NESN, and Big Ten Network.

How can I DVR shows, and how many can I store?

Click the ‘+’ button on the home page to store unlimited hours of shows and movies.

How do I get a free trial of YouTube TV?

When you sign up for YouTube TV, you, by default, get a 7-day free trial.

What kind of on-demand content is there?

Whatever is running on one of the channels offered on YouTube TV. No old content.

How is YouTube TV different than YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a paid service that eliminates the ads from videos.

The above prices and details are accurate at the time of this writing. Prices are subject to change at any time by the provider.

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