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How to Block Unwanted Calls on Your Spectrum Home Phone?

Spectrum Home Phone

Spam calls follow you almost everywhere. These include telemarketing as well as automated calls. If you have wished to block all such calls on your Spectrum home phone service, be relieved because the call blocking feature is at your service! This feature is available free of cost. The company has implemented privacy tools and voice features to block illegal and fraudulent robocalls, making the lives of its customers more comfortable.

Types of Call Blocking

Spectrum Voice offers three types of call blocking features:

  1. Blocking Anonymous Calls

These are the calls with no caller ID.

  1. Blocking International Calls

This feature is available by default to help customers who don’t want to receive international calls. All unwanted and robocalls are blocked.

  1. Blocking Collect Calls

Collect calls are the type of calls in which the person who is called pays the call’s cost, not the one who made it.

How to Turn on Call Blocking on Your Spectrum Home Phone?

To turn on any of the call blocking features mentioned above, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Spectrum account
  • Choose the phone icon at the right
  • This will take you to the Voice Online Manager
  • From there, go to “settings”
  • Click on “privacy” and the menu will expand
  • Then choose “call blocking”
  • Choose the on button under any call blocking feature you prefer
  • Hit “save”

Set up Nomorobo to Block Telemarketing Calls

Using Nomorobo, a 3rd party call blocking app, you can stop unsolicited telemarketing and robocalls as well.

This application automatically blocks unsolicited calls from robocalls and telemarketers. It uses a list of unwanted phone numbers. When a spam number calls you, the call rings on the home line and the Nomorobo platform. If the software recognizes the call from an unknown or unwanted number, it blocks it straightaway.

To turn on this feature, repeat these steps:

  • Sign in to your Spectrum account
  • Open Voice Online Manager
  • Go to “settings”
  • Choose “peace and quiet” and click edit
  • Turn on Nomorbo
  • Select the checkbox
  • Hit “save”

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Avail the Call Guard Feature for Better Security

Unwanted and fraudulent calls can pose a serious security threat. Like all Spectrum Internet Plans include the security suite, their phone plans come with a feature called “call guard.”

This feature blocks malicious robocalls. It also sends caller ID alerts for the telemarketing calls so that you know which incoming calls to answer and which not. This feature is brand-new, and it’s rolled out in January 2021. It’s available to Spectrum home phone customers automatically without additional charge.

How Does It Work?

The call guard feature is available to customers through their account. You can add several phone numbers to the allow list and ensure their calls are never blocked.

When the call guard feature is active, it blocks malicious callers and sends an alert like “spam risk” you receive a spam call.

Reject Calls Whenever You’re not in the Mood

Apart from blocking calls, you can also reject selected calls. This feature comes in handy when you don’t want to take calls. The caller hears a pre-recorded message telling that you aren’t taking calls at the moment. All you have to do is dial *60 from your phone to activate it and *80 to deactivate it.


See how easy it is to block calls! No wonder people are in love with the provider’s services whether it’s Spectrum TV Packages, internet, or phone plans.

In case you need help with blocking, or you continue receiving calls from the number you blocked, call customer support for help. They entertain all sorts of inquiries starting from Spectrum TV Gold pricing, general questions, and even technical issues like Spectrum modem login errors.

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