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Can’t Pay Spectrum Bill Online? Fixed

Can’t Pay Spectrum Bill Online

In the COVID-19 days, the digital industry has been on its boom. Brick and mortar stores have now changed their business models and are operating online. In times like these e-billings have helped so many of us. If you are a Spectrum customer, chances are the lockdown forced you to use the online billing service for the first time even though it has existed for a while.

While using the Spectrum billing service, you might run into an error that will keep you from paying your bill online. Don’t worry, there are alternatives available. You will manage to pay your bill payment even if it’s the last day using alternative methods.

It’s always best to know what to do when an error like this pops up. And they pop up at the most unexpected times. Here is what you can do to pay your bill when the online method fails you:

Can’t Pay Spectrum Bill Online Solution

1: Restart Your Device

People mostly use to sign in to their accounts and pay their bills. If are using this method as well and you have encountered the error, chances are the site is busy because of heavy traffic. Even if you make it to the last steps, your payment requests won’t go through. In a situation like this, what you need to do is turn off your PC or device and let it rest for a while. Open again after a few hours. If the site is running smoothly this time, this means you are good to go.

2: Try the Spectrum App

Even after restarting the device, if you are facing the same issue with, it’s best you go to the app to pay your bill. Of course, you will have to create an account for the My Spectrum app first. Then, follow these steps for bill payment:

  1. Go to the “billing” tab
  2. Tap the “payment” tab
  3. Choose the payment amount, date, and payment method
  4. After you are done, simply hit “make payment”

The app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

3: Pay Through Phone

When the above two methods fail you, then take the old fashion approach. No, you won’t have to leave your home to pay the bill. It’s as good as paying the bill online. Dial the customer service from the landline or your smartphone, whichever you prefer. In this method, there’s a minor processing fee of $5 involved, though.

Call (833) 267-6094 from your phone and you will be taken to an automated payment service. Follow the instructions and you would be done paying your bill within no time. Use your savings or checking account, debit, or credit card to make the payment.

4: Send Snail Mail

If you want to avoid the fee and you have a few days until your bill payment is due, then send a check via mail to pay your bill. Simply write the check to Spectrum’s mailing address. Make sure you mention your account details on the check.

Another thing you need is the remittance portion of your billing statement. Take out a print of your bill and add it to the envelope along with the check and send it to the company’s address. You may also send a money order.

5: Set Auto-Pay for Next Time

To save yourself from this fuss and to make sure you don’t miss on your payments, it’s best to set auto-pay. The settings are available in your Spectrum account under the billing section. Simply enroll in auto-pay to initiate this service. After that, you will be asked to add your preferred payment method and date for future payments. Once everything is set, hit confirm and you are good to go moving forward. You can always make changes by logging into your account later.

Whenever your payment date is near, the app will automatically deduct the amount from your saving or checking account (or any other payment method specified). You won’t even have to open the app or your online account to initiate the payment. How great is that!

Know When to Reach Out For Help

On occasions like being locked out of your online account or when the system isn’t working at all, it’s best to dial the Spectrum help number and let them know about the situation. They will compensate and might as well forgo the late payment charges in case the system was down due to an error.

The next time you run into an error online, you know what alternatives are available to successfully pay your bill and restore your peace.

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