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How to Transfer Your Spectrum Services When Relocating

ransfer Your Spectrum Services

Relocating to a place can be daunting. There’s no denying that. The challenges that come with the relocation can drive you insane. If you think relocating to a new home was difficult, wait until you learn the hassles that come with subscribing to a new ISP. So it is much better to transfer your Spectrum services instead of switching. For new users, choosing from the various Spectrum cable packages is also a challenge. You need to know which deal’s the best and most suitable for you and your household.

About Spectrum

Cable, internet, and phone are no longer luxuries. They have become basic necessities. The first thing that most people do when they relocate is to get a new utility connection. If you are planning to relocate or are a new mover, know that Spectrum is one of the most popular service providers in the United States. It provides its services to millions of households across the nation. Widespread availability is another great thing about Spectrum. More than 40 states have the service. To clear any confusion, Spectrum is the trade name of Charter communications.

Can I Move My Spectrum Services?

Yes, you can. Spectrum offers convenient solutions to millions of customers throughout the country. One of the best things about the provider is that it allows subscribers to transfer their connection easily. Of course, you must meet a few requirements. Your new place must be in a Spectrum locality. Don’t worry. The provider covers more than 40 states. So, that won’t be a problem.

Do Users Get the Same Spectrum Internet Speed When They Relocate?

Your internet connection is the most important thing next to your smartphone. High-speed and reliable internet is crucial to a good browsing experience. A bad internet connection, on the other hand, can affect your video or game streams. Of course, you need the Spectrum TV app to make the most out of your TV viewing experience. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the benefits of a reliable internet connection altogether.

For the best browsing and streaming experience, get an ISP with at least 100 Mbps (megabits per second). Also, make sure to understand the ways through which you can get the maximum speed for your home internet. Moreover, it is advisable to protect your internet from viruses and malware. Few internet companies are as good as Spectrum when it comes to cyber security.

Which Spectrum Services Can I Take with Me?

One of the biggest benefits of using Spectrum is that you can take the services to your new home. Whether you use a standalone service or are subscribed to their bundle package, you can continue the experience in your new home. Spectrum is one of the biggest names in the internet, cable, and telephone industry. That said, these are the services you can get transferred into your new home.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum is a TV giant. That’s no hyperbole. It provides cable services to millions of households across 41 states. From HD channels to Spectrum cable billing, each service provides maximum utility to subscribers. Plus, you can choose from thousands of on-demand titles as well as your favorite cable television channels. All this and much more, courtesy of the service provider.

Spectrum Internet

One of the best things about Spectrum is that it has no contracts. You like the service, good. Something about the service bugs you, no problem. You can terminate the subscription without worrying about any annual contracts. Also, you can get blazing-fast internet speeds for your home. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to transfer your service or get a new one.

Spectrum Phone

The provider has one of the best home phone services in the U.S. There’s no disputing that. Get a home phone and internet combo and you’ll get top speeds and crystal-clear voice quality. Also, the phone service comes with long-distance and unlimited local calling. Yes, you read that right. Spectrum phone service comes with 28 features. No matter where you are in the U.S., get in touch with your loved ones 24/7.

Which Factors to Consider When Moving Services?

Spectrum subscribers must meet a few requirements when moving services. Of course, you can get all the benefits of cable TV with Spectrum. However, the provider requires its customers to pay a transfer fee when moving services. Make sure you meet all requirements otherwise the provider won’t consider you eligible for moving services. That said, here’s what you need to know when moving Spectrum services:


Most providers charge their customers a transfer fee. Spectrum is no different. If you want to take your existing utility connections with you to the new place, you’ll probably have to pay several dollars to the service provider. Please note that the fees may vary by location. For more deals, please reach out to the service provider via phone call or website.

New Installation

In case you need a technician to install Spectrum services for you, you’ll have to pay a new installation fee.

Self-installation is a better alternative. However, you should do it yourself only if you know how to install a new service. Also, confirm your eligibility with the provider before trying self-installation. Many customers end up making a mess out of the service using DIY techniques. Don’t be such a customer.

Seasonal Status

In addition to cable TV apps, Spectrum services come with seasonal status. If you’re a part-time resident, going for the said status may be a good option. A seasonal status is a great option for customers that have to relocate frequently. This service comes has a low fee compared to the standard service. Also, this can save you from canceling and reinstating your Spectrum services time and again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I transfer my Spectrum account to another state?

Yes. To transfer your Spectrum services to a new address in another state, call customer support during regular business and request a move.

How do I transfer my Spectrum when I move?

You can transfer your Spectrum services to a new address by calling customer support, scheduling a move online, or visiting the store.

Do I have to let Spectrum know I moved?

Ideally, you call them about transferring your services to a new place before shifting and pick a day you would like your services to be installed. Therefore, you won’t have to call them again to let them know you have moved.

How do I move my router to another house?

Unplug your router, pack it up and take it with you to your new house.

Can I move my spectrum modem to another house?

Yes! You can move your Spectrum modem to a different house as long as your internet connection in the new place is up and running.

How do I transfer my Spectrum WiFi to a new house?

Request a service transfer by calling customer support at TFN.

Will a Spectrum modem work anywhere?

Your Spectrum modem will only work in any location as long as you have an internet connection.

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