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Lower Your Monthly Internet, Cable, and Phone Bills

Spectrum Triple Play

New York City most possibly is one of the most connected cities in the world, with residents and tourists from all over the world. But this isn’t the only way this city stays connected! It pays more for home internet service than people everywhere else in the world – Time Warner bundles help to remove the tag!

Although High-speed internet in New York City is available through a number of Internet service providers. But with so many options available, it does become a tough job how to choose your ISP.  Yet, there’s always ONE that connects the dots perfectly…

So whether, you’re looking for speed, affordable price, or string customer service, you will find Spectrum Internet NYC meeting your needs and budget.

While, the largest, most-wired internet providers available in New York City are RCN, XFINITY, Verizon, and Time Warner – now Spectrum.

Remember that the choice of ISP is subjective to your personal needs and trust, but for trimming down your monthly internet cable bill – you need to bundle the home service. With a bundle, there’s a single provider and a single bill. Spectrum Cable NYC lets you choose and compare the bundles and choose the one that suits you best.

Now, before we take you to Spectrum Triple Play bundle deals so you can take control of your costs. These are 5 basic tips recommended for you to follow.

5 Tips to Trim down Your Monthly Internet Bill

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1. Evaluate Your Internet Usage

There’s always a possibility that you may be paying more for your broadband speed than you need. You may be getting 40 Mbps of download speed when all you need can be 20 Mbps of download speed. Even when you’re in a Spectrum Triple Play bundle, and your main focus is internet speed, then choose the bundle that matches your need. This should definitely save money.

2. Bundle up Your Service with Spectrum Bundles

Call Time Warner Internet and Cable NYC and ask for Internet prices. If the price of this single service does not match your affordability then discuss the available packages. Spoiler alert – bundles always mean signing up for a 12 or a 24-month contract. But with Spectrum Cable Company, all your bundles are contract FREE.

3. Compare the Prices of

if you have signed up for a special deal and it’s about to expire, Spectrum will understand in offering you something different ISPs. When you start comparing competitors, you will find one better than the other in one service or the other. You should do your research and also do the comparison. Spectrum is always willing to negotiate over its prices and offer payment arrangement service. You might be surprised at the deal you’re offered.

4. Talk to Spectrum Customer Support Department

Your best solution for understanding the deal completely is through Spectrum Customer Care. They are friendly and ready to help you with your queries and concerns. This can be your best option to discuss Spectrum bundles in detail – Contact 1-866-200-7855.

5. Switch on Your ISP if it’s not Time Warner NYC

If you’re currently with another ISP and your service provider refuses to work with you to get your bill lowered it might be time to abandon ship and switch to Spectrum New York City. We understand that this might seem traumatic to hear, but once you’ve determined your internet needs – you will only need Spectrum customer service to talk with and will find the package you need at the most affordable price.

Top High-Speed Internet Service Providers in NYC

The average download speed in New York City is 51 Mbps. To cater to this, there are 59 internet service providers available to 78.1% of the most populous city in the U.S.

NYC has four major types of internet connectivity: cable, fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless. Here’s their division:

  • 99% of NYC residents have access to Cable internet. But fiber and fixed wireless internet prove to have the fastest speeds. Both connections offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.
  • This download speed is good for your favorite game, movie, or album in seconds. This is perfect for the photographers/videographers, bloggers, YouTubers, and online gamers that need to download and upload content as fast as possible.
  • Since fiber is available to 75% of New York and fixed wireless to 32.4%, some may have to resort to cable or DSL internet. Just know, the max speed for DSL in NYC is 50 Mbps while for cable is 330 Mbps. Due to similar availability, we recommend choosing a cable provider over DSL.

Verizon offers widespread coverage in this region. Verizon FiOS provides fiber to all of New York City, reaching extremely high speeds. The Verizon DSL network also reaches the whole city, ensuring that residents have options.

The Xfinity network is slightly more limited, reaching only the eastern neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Morris Heights.

RCN has coverage scattered throughout eastern New York, in neighborhoods like Gravesend, Bay Ridge, Carroll Gardens, Gramercy, Central Park, and Riverdale.

Through Time Warner Cable, almost every one of New York City’s neighborhoods has access to high-speed internet. Service stops short of Bedford and Brownsville in southcentral NYC.

The Optimum Network offers service to northern New York City and southeastern New York City, not reaching the southwestern areas of South Beach, Todd Hill, and New Brighton.

Here’s a comparison list of 6 Top ISPs in NYC; so you can CALL Today and get a Spectrum Triple Bundle deal for yourself.


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