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Enjoy A Never-Ending Movie Mania with Cable TV

Movies Mania

Our lifestyles, as of today, have become exceedingly busy and competitive. Every new day comes with a whole new bunch of challenges that we face, and try to outperform. therefore, we all deserve to indulge in some sort of relaxing activity when we come home after a long, hectic day. Not many of us have the chance (or precisely the budget) to indulge in luxurious hang-outs and dine-outs with friends or to pamper ourselves with a soothing break at a Spa, or snack away in a nice roof-top hotel, the only nerve-relaxing activity that is effortlessly and readily available to us is, watching something that interests you on the TV that placed in your home and is quite approachable. If you love movies with a good cable TV connection, you’ll surely find one or two on the many movie channels that they offer. Hence, to cater to your daily entertainment dose, you should research ‘Cable Providers in My Area’, to choose the best service.

The Most-Watched Movie Genre (by Gender)

Do you know someone who doesn’t watch movies, at all? Do not waste your energy thinking because you would hardly find someone. We all love movies. And since we are digging deep into our movie obsessions, do you know which was the first movie that was ever made? The first-ever, motion-picture film of the world, showing actual, uninterrupted action, was Roundhay Garden Scene. It was a very brief film directed by the French inventor, Louis Le Prince. Although it was only 2.11 seconds long, it is technically considered a ‘movie’. Today, we have a long list of genres that movies have, and they hold a very vital standing in the entertainment industry. Most of us shudder at the mere idea of having no movies in our lives!

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the wide range/options of movies that we have today. But generally, if we see the most-watched movie-genre statistics, we get some surprising results. According to a survey conducted in 2018, the most-watched genre by women is, Drama (89%), and after that, the most popular is Comedy (91%). Lastly, Action takes third place, as per women’s preferences (62%). On the contrary, the most watched genre by Men is Comedy (74%), while Action takes the second position (73%) and that is for obvious reasons, and Drama is the third most preferred genre by men (69%). Action/Adventure is the movie genre that has generated the most revenue at the box office of North America since 1995, which is roughly around 45.67 billion U.S. dollars.

Most-Watched Movie Channels

If you are someone who prefers watching movies on your Smart TV, instead of the laborious drill of streaming movies online, you must subscribe to a Cable TV service that offers more movie channels. Somehow, streaming movies online involves a lot of effort, and interruptions (especially if you don’t have a high speed Internet service), and the joy of a large screen cannot be denied or replaced, whatsoever. Plus, if you are not into watching movies alone, and love to enjoy them with someone, with a bowl of popcorn, then again, TV provides a better watching experience. So, watching movies on the TV is always the better choice. Perhaps, the only thing that is bothersome while watching movies on TV are the long and monotonous commercial breaks that break the rhythm (especially if some major action or climax was to follow). Other than that, watching movies on TV is from all perspectives, is precisely more enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the most-watched movie channels in the United States are HBO, IFC, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, FX Movie Channel, Cinemax, Flix, Get TV and the list continues.

Entertainment with Customized Cable TV Package

Are you making searches like, ‘Cable Companies near me’ quite often? If you are not satisfied with your current Cable TV service, or you have recently moved, or you are looking for a customized Cable TV package, that has more movie channel options, let us help you get out of this state. With Cox cable TV service, you will have access to all the prominent movie channels at your fingertips. You can subscribe to one of their packages, that are designed for your ease, or you can get a subscription to a customized package that is best suited to your movie-craving needs. But be sure of one thing, you can never go wrong with Charter when it comes to entertainment of your choice!