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If you’re looking for some subjective insight that is critically-informed, fun to read, and equips you with further talking points on the mass media of the day (as well as the audio & visual mediums that ultimately give rise to it) – then you’ve come to the right place! Let our experienced bloggers take you on a journey through the enriching genres of film, song and stage – as they divulge on the topics that appeal most to your distinct fancies, and at the same time, continue to cause an uproar within the global cultural sphere (something that directly influences us all). After reading and pondering over the worded entries contained in this space, you can gain a front row ‘seat’ into all the action that continues to unfold within the domain of multimedia; from op-ed pieces on individual creative productions to technical discussions on how they were crafted in the first place. Whether you’re a student of the humanities, a public broadcaster who makes regular usage of TV, Radio and/or the Internet (Podcasts & Personal Blogs), or simply a researcher interested in keeping abreast of the latest news trends in the field – we’ve got a little something for you right here!