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As one of the more important offshoots of culture, Lifestyle (which includes everything related to relationships, food choices, apparel designs, travel destinations, home comforts, as well as healthy nutrition & exercise regimens) deserves a reader’s section of its own. And why shouldn’t it (as one of our staff editor’s so fervently puts it!)?

Browsing through the various entries in this section, you can discover some of the best methods for whipping up local delicacies like an orange soufflé, weaving intricate embroidered designs on fabric, as well as learning targeted parenting techniques guaranteed to put your teething toddlers to bed (without invoking their usual round of tantrums and protests). Even introspecting over one blog post can provide enough information to counteract some of the more general semblances of ignorance that most of us happen to carry around with us.

So if you’re one of those people who likes to rely on the shared wisdom of

others, and love to take advice from bloggers who are well-versed in the social affairs that they choose to write about, you are cordially invited to stick around this place for a bit!