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Difference Between Business and Residential Internet

We have often heard these claims that business internet is worth all the escalated cost as compared to the residential internet. Businesses, even if they are small setups, have trouble with home internet because of the restricted download and upload speed. To perform official operations, faster bandwidth speeds are required. ISPs ensure providing guaranteed services […]

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What is IPTV? All You Need to Know

Anyone familiar with online streaming might have come across the term IPTV. This technology has helped significantly during the transitional phase of the cable towards Internet-based streaming. Introduction to IPTV IPTV standards for Internet Protocol Television. It makes it possible to deliver digital television programming over the high-speed broadband Internet using Internet protocol. In other […]

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How Much is Average Data Usage Per Month?

Imagine a world where you do not have access to the Internet. Think of struggling through the day without having to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed. It’s a rather unbelievable scenario, isn’t it? The average data usage per month home Internet was 268.7 GB in the States in 2018. While many factors affect […]

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The 20 Best Free Roku Channels List by Genre

Now with devices like Roku, free channels are within your reach! All you need is to set up your Roku device which is quite simple. After that, you can follow the step-by-step instruction guide provided with your device. Once your device is ready to go, adding channels is a piece of cake. In fact, you can […]

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