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The 20 Best Free Roku Channels List by Genre

Free Roku Channels List

Now with devices like Roku, free channels are within your reach! All you need is to set up your Roku device which is quite simple. After that, you can follow the step-by-step instruction guide provided with your device. Once your device is ready to go, adding channels is a piece of cake. In fact, you can add free Roku channels to your device the same way you add apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The Best Free Roku Channels List

Additionally, Your Roku device offers you hundreds of free, or public, channels and just as many private channels. First, start by opening the Channel Store on your Roku device. After you have done that, you can browse and install the channels you like. But, to get access to private channels, you will need to go to Roku’s online portal and enter the unique code for the channel. Also, there are other guides, which you can check out, to find the best public and private Roku channels.

What Channels are Available on Roku?

For now, let’s focus on the free Roku TV channels list. Here is a list of the best public channels available on Roku by genre:

Free Movie Channels on Roku

  1. Popcorn Flix


Don’t be confused by name; Popcorn Flix is not affiliated with the illegal P2P app, Popcorn Time. Popcorn Flix is on the up and up. The app works similar to Netflix, in that you can watch full-length movies and shows, add free. The app also offers some original content, including film school original projects and award-winning web series.

Download: Popcorn Flix

  1. The CW

The CW app on Roku is the official app from the television network. You can watch all of your favorite shows from the network for free. The last 5 episodes of any of their series are available on Roku on-demand. Episodes are available for viewing 24 hours after they air on TV.

Download: CW

  1. Sony Crackle


Crackle is Sony’s movie and TV streaming platform. It has some original content, movies, and offers free live TV. The content availability varies from country to country, so you will have access to different shows in different countries. What’s good about crackle is that it’s available across all platforms, like Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Apple TV. What’s even better about it, is that it is able to sync your watch history and offer recommendations, regardless of the device platform you are using.

Download: Sony Crackle

  1. PBS

The PBS channel on Roku delivers more than you could expect. With thousands of TV shows on-demand, you will be able to find your favorite TV shows. In addition to original web content, you will be able to enjoy masterpieces like Nova, Frontline, as well as award-winning documentaries.

Download: PBS

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  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a comprehensive list of minor channels, including favorites like the Crime Network, Pro Wrestling, All-Day Anime, Funny AF and IGN. In addition, Pluto TV has collaborated with channels like Bloomberg, Sky News, MSNBC and NBC News to offer around the clock coverage of world affairs. In addition to being a completely legal platform for Live TV, it also offers hundreds of on-demand TV shows.

Download: Pluto TV

  1. FilmRise

Are you a fan of the classics? FilmRise offers more than 10,000 free movies for you to choose from. In addition to the classics, FilmRise also offers a myriad of B-movies, if you’re ever in the mood to have that sort of a movie night with your friends.

Download: FilmRise

  1. Hallmark

This channel is on the top of the list, especially around the Christmas holidays. Your wish just came true. Hallmark Movies Now is now easily accessible through Roku. You can enjoy watching original movies as well as TV shows whenever as Hallmark recently signed up to have the Hallmark Channel Everywhere app on Roku!

Download: Hallmark

  1. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is Roku’s official release, which lets you watch hundreds of movies for free. You can choose movies from Hollywood powerhouses like Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Sony Pictures and many more. Though there are ads you need to sit through, the good thing is that you don’t need an account to watch any of the content.

For an even more interactive Roku experience, download the Roku TV app on your smartphone or tablet devices. Not only does it let you use your phone as a second remote, but it also has special features you can enjoy.

Download: The Roku Channel

Kids Channels on Roku

  1. HappyKids.tv

If you have toddlers or infants running around the house, this is the perfect channel. It educates your little ones through games, guides, music, and stories. The programs are based on themes like colors, animal sounds, the alphabet, and numbers. There is also HappyKids.tv 2, which offers different content around similar themes.

Download: HappyKids.tv

  1. Hasbro Studios Free

Here’s a channel you can happily watch with your kids. It allows you to share your childhood experience with your kids. Hasbro Studios Free offers classic toons like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Conan and many more. You can amuse your kids or relive your past with this must-have channel.

Download: Hasbro Studios Free

  1. PBS Kids

The PBS Kids program line up will keep your kids entertained for hours at a time. With classics like Sesame Street, you can’t go wrong with this channel. It offers a perfect blend of old-school programming with modern releases to keep things interesting and relevant to today’s times. This classic and modern balance makes this a must-have channel.

Download: PBS Kids

  1. Comet

Aimed at Sci-Fi enthusiasts, Comet is a completely free channel for the genre. You can enjoy your favorites, like My Science Theatre 3000, or cult classics, like the 60’s beloved show, The Outer Limits. Sci-Fi fans are sure to find some hidden gems in this channel’s playlist.

Download: Comet

Music Channels on Roku

  1. Spotify

There is no need to explain Spotify. You have most likely used it. it is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world right now. With 35 million songs to listen to, you can never run out of musical entertainment.

Download: Spotify

  1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is everywhere. The internet radio app offers more than 100,000 radio stations to its user for free. It covers talk shows, news, politics, sports and of course music. While the app offers all this for free, it also offers a subscription package. If you get the package, you can enjoy an additional 4 million on-demand programs.

Download: TuneIn Radio

  1. Pandora

You probably already know of Pandora as well. This free app lets you enjoy all your favorite songs and it learns your tastes along the way. Its recommendations are usually on-point.

Download: Pandora

News Channels on Roku

  1. Reuters TV

The Reuters TV app is not your traditional news channel. It’s more of a personalized new experience. The way it works is based on your watching history, and interests, it recommends news clips to you. The news videos can range from between 5 minutes and 30, offering live feeds whenever there is significant breaking news.

Download: Reuters TV

  1. CBS News

The CBS News app offers constant live streaming of its news channel, so you can’t go wrong with it. The app also allows for on-demand segments like 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, 48 Hours, Sunday Morning, CBS This Morning, and CBS Evening News.

Download: CBS News

  1. NewsOn

Newson offers more than 170 live local news channels. Unlike some apps, it does not require a cable subscription to work. It also allows you to watch reruns from the previous 48 hours. It is a comprehensive news service for the US. If you’re interested in local news over international, this is should be on the top of your list.

Download: NewsOn

  1. Sky News

The well-known channel offers Roku users a free app to live stream their channel content 24/7. It offers live broadcast news from the US, Canada, and the UK. In addition, to live news, the channel app lets you watch cached feeds of news highlights whenever you want.

Download: Sky News

For Gaming

  1. Twitch

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you probably know this app. Some people believe that since the introduction of Twitch, gaming will never be the same again. The app lets you watch other people play video games. You can use the app to follow your favorite gamers as well as tune in to a live stream of any game title you like. If you create a free account, the app will send you recommendations based on your viewing history and interests.

Download: Twitch

  1. Text Twist

Text Twist is a fun word game. You are given a combination of six or seven letters. You have to come up with as many words as possible, in your given time limit. If you can work out the top answer, you proceed to the next level.

Download: Text Twist


As you can see, the Roku device provides a nearly endless supply of free channels you can choose from. Roku free channels mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Browsing through the Channel Store on your device will show you countless options.