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Percentage of American Households have Cable TV

percentage of American households have cable TV

Nearly 60% of Americans households have cable TV and they are streaming most with Netflix. If you’ve heard about the cord-cutter trend, you’ll know people are choosing to go the On-demand route. There are now less cable TV subscribers in the US than there were in the early 2000s. That doesn’t mean Cable TV is a thing of the past. But what is the percentage of cable TV subscribers?  Let’s say there are 100 households in America.

CNBC Survey

Out of these, according to an All-American Economic Survey by CNBC, 30 households have cable or satellite TV. A further 36 households have both cable/satellite TV and a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. There are 20 households who only have a streaming service and 14 houses who have neither. That means almost 66% of households in the United States have a cable or satellite TV subscription.

The remainder is divided into two groups. 20% of American households rely solely on a streaming service. There is a small 14% of Americans who get their live entertainment through OTA antennas. Over-the-air antennas catch broadcast signals right from the airwaves and transmit them to a TV.

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There are also other ways, like Roku TVs to get entertainment without cable. Overall, a sizeable chunk of the American population still relies on cable or a mix of cable and streaming services. Some americans households have cable TV and some don’t have using. Here we can disscuss the ratio of net growing comapnies that are providing cable TV service.

Survey Report

Channel Name Percentage % Net Worth
Netflix 51 % $2.7 Billion
Prime 33 % $1 Billion
HULU 14 % $500 Million
Othes 2 % #N/A
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