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How to Watch the USFL 2023?

USFL 2022

If you saw people getting excited for the Olympics this year and thought it was overwhelming, wait till you see people’s excitement for USFL 2023! The football enthusiasts, and many others, all come together, and their joined happiness over the sports event is unmatchable! So, this April, you might witness a sight even more overwhelming than Olympics 2022! If you, too, want to become a part of the USFL crowd and wish to know how you can watch the USFL, here is everything you need to know about it.

A Little About USFL

Football is one of the sports that Americans love to watch. In fact, people try to take their day off from work and be on full vacation mode so they can enjoy the game in peace! That’s just how passionate football fans are, and this enthusiasm heightens around the USFL!

USFL Teams will be digitally divided into two separate categories: the North division and the South division. The former contains the Pittsburgh Maulers, Philadelphia Stars, New Jersey Generals, and Michigan Panthers and the South division includes Tampa Bay Bandits, New Orleans Breakers, Houston Gamblers, and the Birmingham Stallions.

How To Watch The USFL 2023

The USFL 2023 will begin on the 16th of April and will run through mid of June. Moreover, the season’s first game will reportedly feature the Stallions against the Generals, and it will start at exactly 7:30 p.m. on Sunday 16th of April. Now that you know when the game will start let’s talk about where you can watch it.

Channels To Watch USFL Games

Several channels will broadcast and stream USFL, and you can watch it on any of them. However, since people have different TV providers and channel lineups, it is beneficial if you know exactly what channels those are. Then, you can identify which one of them is available to you. The following is a list of channels that you can watch USFL games on:

  • FOX
  • FS1
  • NBC
  • USA Network

To ensure that your data is even more accurate, and you don’t miss the games, check out the USFL schedule 2023. It is available on the official websites of almost every sports channel, including Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and many others.

How To Watch the USFL For Free?

The best way to watch the USFL games for free is to utilize the TV subscription you already have. Then, as mentioned earlier, go through the list of channels where the USFL games will play and figure out which channels are available to you. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money watching the games, and you can technically watch them for free.

Moreover, the games will also be available on live streaming channels on the Internet. Several sports websites and YouTube channels stream the USFL games online, and you can watch them without a cable connection. All you need is a package with unlimited Internet. 

USFL Schedule

If you are excited for USFL, you must be eager to know the full schedule. After all, you will not want to miss out on an important game. So, without any further ado, here’s the entire fixture.

Week 1

Game Date
New Jersey Generals at Birmingham Stallions Apr. 16
Houston Gamblers at Michigan Panthers Apr. 17
Philadelphia Stars at New Orleans Breakers Apr. 17
Tampa Bay Bandits at Pittsburgh Maulers Apr. 17

Week 2

Game Date
Michigan Panthers at New Jersey Generals Apr. 22
Pittsburgh Maulers at Philadelphia Stars Apr. 23
Birmingham Stallions at Houston Gamblers Apr. 23
New Orleans Breakers at Tampa Bay Bandits Apr. 24

Week 3

Game Date
Tampa Bay Bandits at Houston Gamblers Apr. 30
Pittsburgh Maulers at Michigan Panthers Apr. 30
Birmingham Stallions at New Orleans Breakers May 1
New Jersey Generals at Philadelphia Stars May 1

The date of the future games of the season is yet to be announced!

Best TV Providers to Watch USFL

If you still don’t know what channels are available with your TV subscription, here is a list of all the TV provider companies that feature favorable channels to watch the USFL games:

1. Cox Contour TV

If you have a subscription to Cox TV, you can watch USFL easily. The subscription offers USA Network, NBC, FS1, and FOX, all of which will play the content you want to watch. Other perks and advantages of using this TV provider are getting multiple channel add-ons and 12 months of premium Peacock. In addition, with more than 125 channels, including SHOWTIME and HBO Max, it offers competitive rates and prices, so it won’t be as expensive as other TV providers. If you want to further save some bucks, you can check out Cox internet and TV bundles, which offer further discounts.

2. Peacock

This one is another popular choice of USFL fans, and if you haven’t decided yet, you can pick this one for its amazing features and great prices. Peacock supports NBC, which gives you quick and easy access to USFL. However, that’s not the best part! A lot of people pick Peacock as their desired TV provider because it has exceptionally cheap plans. Moreover, the application offers an on-demand library featuring more sports-oriented content.

3. Sling TV

Slowly becoming a top choice for USFL fans, Sling TV is gradually climbing the ladder of popularity. Apart from hosting USFL-friendly channels, like USA Network and FS1, the low pricing is another important advantage that it offers. Plus, there are no contracts involved, and you can get multiple options for add-ons. So, if your existing TV provider does not let you watch USFL and you are looking for a cheap option just to watch your favorite games, Sling TV is the way to go.

4. Cable TV

Lastly, another TV provider that enables you to enjoy your favorite USFL shows without any interference whatsoever is Cable TV. It supports NBC Sports and Fox Sports, both of which stream USFL. Plus, you get plenty of other features and benefits as well. The overall user-friendliness and efficiency of this provider have made it one of the top choices of USFL audiences. However, Cable TV is not as cheap or budget-friendly as other options on this list. If you already have a TV provider, then subscribing to a complete Cable TV package isn’t the most affordable option for everybody. But if you don’t have a provider yet and you want one to watch USFL and enjoy other types of content, you can definitely give it a thought.


USFL 2023 has already created a buzz in the media, and fans are getting their work leaves sorted so they can watch the games in peace! But none of that will help if you don’t have the proper channels and the TV provider that allows you to enjoy your favorite games. So, be wise, and make the proper preparations beforehand!


How many games will the USFL play in 2023?

43 games are scheduled to be played.

Where will USFL play games?

Games will be played at the Legion Field and Protective Stadium in Birmingham, AL.

Will USFL be on TV?

Yes, the games will be broadcasted on different sports.