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5 Top Cable TV Apps for Your iPhone

The TV is no longer limited to your television set according to consumer trends. It has spilled over into our mobile devices as well. From Cox TV to Hulu, there are a ton of options for entertainment enthusiasts. Most of these Cable TV Apps are thoroughly thought out and designed, so there are fewer bugs. […]

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4 Movie Crossovers That We Want From Disney-Fox Deal

Just when we thought Disney could not dominate the box office, not completely (at-least), they went and acquired 20Th Century Fox! But NOW, since Disney/Fox has become a reality, it’s time to start asking some real questions. Will the decreased competition result in some bigger, even-blander movies? Is the Mouse House going to discourage edgier […]

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How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

In a recent public survey conducted by the acclaimed data-collection agency Survey Monkey (on the performance of several high-speed Internet providers), Internet users were asked a series of questions. These related to the various service factors that led them to make a particular subscription decision. When their responses were thoroughly analyzed, it was found that […]

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