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Top Countries with Fastest Internet Speed in the World

10 Countries with the Fastest Internet in the World

From online shopping, online gaming, academic research, to working from home, our life is dependent on the Internet. In some countries, you can watch TV shows on your smartphone too through Cox Contour TV. For all that, you will need a swift internet connection. You will be surprised to know that internet speeds available in different countries around the world.

If you are thinking of becoming a digital nomad, it’s important to know the names of the countries with the fastest internet services. Fortunately, the list of countries with blazing speed internet has been out and that’s what we are bringing to you today.

Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed?

Singapore now has the world’s fastest internet, with average broadband rates of 226.6 Mbps. Hong Kong comes in second, followed by Romania and Switzerland. Here’s a good look at the fastest internet connection in the world country-wise:

Rank Countries  Download Speed
1 Taiwan 85.02
2 Singapore 70.86
3 Jersey 67.46
4 Sweden 55.18
5 Denmark 49.19
6 Japan 42.77
7 Luxembourg 41.69
8 Netherlands 40.21
9 Switzerland 38.85
10 San Marino 38.73

Exploring Countries with the Fastest Internet Connection in the World

Sadly and surprisingly, the USA didn’t make it to the list of 10 countries with the fastest internet plans despite being competitive in many other fields. If you’re living in the USA or planning to move there, Cox cable internet is one of the leading internet service providers there and is trending due to the Cox Internet offers that give higher speed at lower rates. The service provider is leading because Cox internet speed is high among all.

With that being said, let’s check out what country has the fastest internet:



1. Taiwan

Taiwan has the world’s fastest internet, with an average speed of 85.02 Mbps. Most cities in the country have access to fiber lines which explains why they have swift internet connections available. But there are still some areas in the country where the speed is lower than the national average.

2. Singapore

Singapore used to be at the top of the list up until last year. In 2022, it was replaced by Taiwan and now, it hails the second spot, delivering an average download speed of 70.86 Mbps. A total of 85% of the country’s population has access to the internet.

3: Jersey

Nope, this isn’t new jersey. Why would it be? NJ is a state in the US! Jersey is a country in the Channel Islands bringing its residents an average internet speed of 67.46 Mbps per second.

4. Sweden

In Sweden, you can easily get speeds of up to 500 Mbps. Like Cox high-speed internet is famous in the USA offering up to 1 Gbps to customers, Bahnhof is a household name in Sweden offering up to 10, 000 Mbps of blazing internet speed.

5. Denmark

People in Denmark have access to internet speeds of up to 49.19 Mbps because of the country’s amazing infrastructure. You won’t regret moving here!

6. Japan

One of the world’s most populated countries had to be on the list of the top 10 countries with the fastest internet connection in the world! An average Japanese citizen has access to internet speeds of up to 42.77 Mbps.

7. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of those countries that focused on its infrastructural growth massively which led to the progress in the average national internet speed available to households.

The number of people having broadband connectively has increased too. The national average speed is around 41.69 Mbps.

8. Netherlands

Turns out that the Netherlands has the fastest internet connection speed in Europe. Fortunately, the need for a fast internet connection for every citizen is recognized by Dutch politics. The government does not have much capacity to actively boost speed by laying landlines or offering services due to anti-competitive rules. This is something that the local ISPs must manage and are doing a great job undertaking. As a result, there are only a few households in the country with slow internet speeds, and they are mostly in rural locations. The average internet speed in the Netherlands is around 40.21 Mbps.

9. Switzerland

Opensignal, an analytics company published a global survey of 100 countries, revealing that Switzerland’s mobile network ranked 8th best.

The country has a leader in deploying and making 5G connections widely available. The average internet speed available to citizens is up to 38.85 Mbps.

10. San Marino

This landlock mountainous state surrounded by north-central Italy has got its citizens covered by delivering them high internet speed. The national average is around 38.73 Mbps.

Now that it’s clear what country has the fastest internet connection, make a decision accordingly. Of course, do factor in the cost of living before deciding to move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Country Has the Fastest Internet

Taiwan is the country with the fastest internet speed. The average speed available to citizens is up to 85.02 Mbps.

What Is the Fastest Internet Speed in The World?

The fastest internet speed ever achieved in the world is a whopping 319 Terabits per second.