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How Much Data does HBO Max Use?

How Much Data does HBO Max Use

HBO Max’s subscription’s value just keeps getting better, doesn’t it! While the desktop version is a worthy addition to your list of already streaming subscriptions, you can take complete advantage of this streaming platform on your smartphone too by downloading the app, of course.

By default, this streaming platform is set to the “stream over WiFi only” settings. You will have to enable the streaming/downloading over the cellular connection feature to be able to watch the content over cellular data.

How Much Data Does HBO Max Actually Use?

With HBO Max’s 4K content, you would be chewing up to 7.2 GB per hour. You are going to need a faster internet plan to be able to watch it on your cellular plan. Otherwise, if you have a home internet that delivers fast speed similar to Spectrum internet speed, you are set.

How to Save Your Data on HBO MAX?

If you’re watching HBO on Spectrum cable, data consumption isn’t much of a concern but if you are streaming HBO Max on the go then you have to be careful. Not only will you end up consuming all your mobile data but also have to pay an overage fee to get additional Mbps.

But don’t fear, there are ways to save your data and still be able to enjoy HBO Now. Before we begin remember that if you are streaming in the web browser, there is currently no method to limit the quality of HBO Now playback. As a result, if you’re viewing HBO Now on your computer at home, you’ll have to accept the amount of data HBO Now uses to download and stream your series and movies. However, if you’re watching HBO Now on a mobile device, there are a few things you can do to cut down on your data usage. Let’s check them out.

Set Data Limit on Your Phone

Set a data consumption limit on your phone so that it notifies you when you’re about to consume more data than your plan allows. Explore your phone’s setting to figure out how you can set the data limit.

HBO’s app itself isn’t the finest tool for monitoring data usage on your phone, but with the right information, you can keep track of your usage and then make changes in your streaming habits.

Enable the WiFi Only Setting

When you are at home, isn’t it convenient to have your HBO MAX account switch to a WiFi connection automatically? You can do that by changing the settings of the app.  Follow these steps:

  1. Click menu
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Choose video playback
  4. Toggle the first open to enable the WiFi only feature

Once you are done with that, your device won’t use cellular data to stream if WiFi is available. You can always change the settings based on how your needs change. Just toggle this feature and you’re done.

What’s There to Watch on HBO Max?

As you know, this streaming service is a powerhouse of premium content. It’s like having HBO for free plus several amazing titles including some high-profile original titles. some latest original shows include West Wing, Doom Patrol, Search Party, Heaven’s Gate, and some others.

The library isn’t as deep as what’s available on other streaming services but these shows are good enough to keep you entertained and even keep coming back for more. Apart from these TV shows, in 2021, several WarnerMedia movies were released on this streaming platform the same day these titles were released in the theaters. The names include Mortal Kombat, Dune, King Richard, The Matrix 4, and Space Jam: A new legacy.

Wait, these new releases won’t stay on the platform forever. They will be available to stream for 31 days. No other streaming service has managed to bag such a deal! If you are stuck in the HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now debate and can’t decide which streaming service to choose, simply go for MAX.

Beware! You May Get Carried Away by Premium Content

HBO Max has an amazing catalog of content and you can count it to stream upcoming exclusive movies because of its contract with WarnerMedia! Watch out how you use your cellular data to stream on this platform.

Set a data limit on your phone or enable the Wi-Fi-only streaming option to save on your mobile data. If you still fail to keep track of your data consumption, then it would be best to change your streaming habits and stick to your Spectrum channel lineup. Ideally, look for ways to get entertained by cable alongside a streaming service to be able to save on your cellular data.

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